In September of 2016, Phonte Coleman said there might be a Little Brother reunion, with all three members along for the ride.

Unfortunately, he didn't indicate when that would happen, but his former bandmate Big Pooh isn't waiting around, because he dropped a video to "Corner Store Blues," a song off his album Everything 4 Sale.

In the clip, both Pooh and Dho Hook stand in front of a convenience store, where the rapper spits lyrics of survival and self-reliance.

"Funny thing about time it never waits / There's no rewind button for mistakes / There's no flight of stairs for escapes / Wallow in self-pity / You grown, take your mouth up off the t-tty," spits Pooh.

As far as that Little Brother reunion, Phonte said the death of A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg and Prince made him reconsider things.

"There's one thing to say that I have the option to not do this, I can either take it or leave it, it's another thing when that option no longer exists," he said on The Combat Jack Show. "So it definitely made me think a lot about wanting — if nothing else — to just put a period at the end of the sentence. To end it properly."

You can watch Rapper Big Pooh's new video above.

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