In April 2010, Little Brother, which consists of Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte and 9th Wonder, announced their breakup and left the hip-hop community with broken hearts. Since then, the members have garnered successful solo careers. Seven years later, diehard fans are still yearning for a Little Brother reunion.

On Wednesday (Aug. 2), Rapper Big Pooh took fans down memory lane with his unreleased Little Brother-inspired track, “Seinfeld (Go Up)” featuring Phonte. Produced by Swiff D, the song was kept in the vaults until now.

Big Pooh details the history of the song in his long-winded Instagram post above. Apparently, “Seinfeld” was recorded during the 2010 Dirty Pretty Things sessions. Pooh, admittedly, left it off the Dirty Pretty Things album because Phonte bodied the song and he was still not speaking with his LB cohort. Shortly after his album was released, his hard drive crashed and he lost the music from the project.

Pooh writes, "Seven years has passed, Tay and I back rocking, and I never recovered the contents of that particular hard drive (I’m still pissed about that). So here it is, in its unmixed, unmastered, unreleased form...'Seinfeld (Go Up)' feat Phonte. Produced by Swiff D.”

Now that Pooh and Phonte are on speaking terms, let's hope that the guys, including 9th Wonder, are open to a reunion. Next year would mark the 15th anniversary of their fantastic debut album, The Listening. A reunion tour would satisfy fans who still miss the ingenuity of the LB fam.

Come on fellas, do it for the culture.