The Little Brother story took an interesting turn this weekend. With less than a month before the release of the group's final album, 'Leftback,' current MC Phonte and former producer 9th Wonder engaged in a somewhat terse discussion on Twitter regarding the inclusion of the song 'Star.' Originally recorded in 2005-2006 at the home of engineer Gimel "Young Guru" Keaton, 'Star' was slated to be a 'Leftback' iTunes bonus track until -- according to Phonte -- 9th Wonder opposed its inclusion "for whatever reason."

After some pointed barbs thrown back and forth, pulling numerous fans into the mix, as well as collaborator Von Pea of Tanya Morgan and the other half of Little Brother, rapper Big Pooh, Phonte took to video to candidly tell his side of the story. In a twelve-minute monologue, the North Carolina native offered a sometimes humorous but very personal explanation of not only the 'Star' conflict, but also his take on events leading up to 9th Wonder's 2007 departure from the group.

"I'm offering one of three choices to 9th," says Phonte. "One, I'm extending an olive branch. If it's anything you want to talk to me and/or Pooh about, you can address that to us face-to-face, like men ... two, we just both have a gag order [and] none of us say anything about the other in public, in the media, in the press, anything ... or three, you can keep doin' this passive-aggressive shit you doin', and you can keep feelin' the consequences of it, as you felt today."

9th Wonder has not commented publicly on the video, but did take to his Twitter to say, "No matter what is said about me from now on, no sweat ... just support Little Brother, 9th Wonder, all of us who make good music."

Watch 'Phonte speaks on Little Brother/9th Wonder' after the jump.

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