Rapper Big Pooh has stepped outside of the trio known as Little Brother -- once comprised of Pooh, fellow rhymer Phonte and producer 9th Wonder -- and is following up his 2009 effort, 'The Delightful Bars,' with his new LP, 'Dirty Pretty Things,' released today (Nov. 1).

"I always thought 'Dirty Pretty Things' was a really dope movie," Pooh says of the inspiration behind the project's title. "But it was overlooked for whatever reasons, the same way I've been overlooked as a solo artist."

The album, which includes 14 tracks, features production work by Nottz, DJ Khalil and Focus and collaborations with the likes of Choklate, Novel, Darien Brockington, Carlitta Durand and Torae.

Songs 'Money Getter' and 'They Say' are just a few of the standouts on the work. "'Cause I'ma money getter, 'cause I'ma, I'ma money getter," rings off on the chorus on the former. Pooh rhymes, "No Ron Isley, taxes got paid/ Had no clue all the money I done made/ Don't classify me as just a backpacker/ Can't classify me as an underground rapper."

On the latter track, reminiscent of a West Coast banger, he delivers lines, "All of the respect I accumulated/ You can times that by 10 and it's understated/ I done been shot down, underestimated/ I done seen plenty try, I'm the one that made it/ I ain't related to your failure, yougin', I'm no loser/ Ice box flow, novice n----s just coolers."

Stream Big Pooh's 'Dirty Pretty Things' in full below.

Watch Big Pooh's 'They Say'

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