Rapper Big Pooh just dropped the video for "Potpourri (Dead Flowers)," featuring Finian St. Omer II, a song off his Everything 4 Sale release, and it has a morbid feel.

And that's how the the clip starts. There's flashes of tombstones, a wicked clown and the words "redrum" and "dead" being used, which is something you don't see in rap videos everyday.

From there, the Little Brother alum starts delivering his lyrics on a tattered park bench and under an overpass, while images of Donald Trump, the Ku Klux Klan and a man in blackface appear on the screen. If anything, the director Mischa "Big Dho" Burgess did a good job of making things look frantic but at the same time well put together.

Later in the video, Finian appears dressed in full-on Run D.M.C. attire, spitting his verse on the same park bench that Pooh used.

You can watch the clip above and purchase the Everything 4 Sale album here.

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