Drake snagged three American Music Awards nominations Tuesday (October 12) for his platinum debut 'Thank Me Later,' and no one is prouder than his labelhead Brian ''Birdman'' Williams.

"Drake is like my little brother," Birdman told TheBoomBox, not long after hearing the news of the nominations. "I was just looking at him earlier, I was watching video like, 'Man, look at this youngster.' He's so young, he's so talented [he's] not just a rapper [he's a] well rounded artist. I solute the youngins."

Drizzy's career continues to move at a hyper pace as he snags endorsement deals and owns the music charts. The Canadian rapper is poised to take over the R&B world with the release of his new R&B-tinged mixtape, 'It's Never Enough,' which he is hoping to release just in time for Christmas.

"I got a lot of love and respect for Drake," Birdman continures. "I think he gonna be around. I tell him he's already a legend but time will show that because legends become legends off of time and work. I just see a big future for Drake I think he's gonna' be around a long time doing different things he's so talented, it's amazing to me."

The 38th annual American Music Awards air live Sunday November 21 at 8PM EST on ABC.

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