With California's Proposition 64 coming up on the ballot next week, which surrounds the legalization of recreational marijuana use, Pusha T is urging voters to help change the law. Right now, weed is only legal in the state for medical purposes only.

Pusha noted that former prisoners often can't leave the system because of marijuana related-arrests.

"If California's Prop 64 passes, no one will ever be incarcerated for marijuana again," said Pusha. "Marijuana arrests are the engine that's driving the war on drugs."

Although he's not a California voter himself, he notes that when legislation passes in bigger states, it often has a trickle down effect.

"It's the No. 1 reason people trying to enter their communities are sent back to prison," he says of weed. "I'm not a California voter, but I know when good legislation passes in the biggest state, others states follow and that's an important step for ending massive incarceration around the country."

King Push has really thrown himself into the current presidential race, making it known that he fully supports the Clinton, Caine ticket. In fact, the Virginia rapper recently sat down with Caine, who's a former senator of the Southern state, to discuss the criminal justice system, police reform and other important topics.

"My biggest concern is the criminal justice system," the G.O.O.D. Music lyricist told Caine. "We're definitely on the same page in regards to knowing that it's flawed and needs to be fixed."

You can check out Pusha's Prop 64 PSA above.

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