There’s nothing like good times with great friends. While you can do a lot of things on the solo tip, shopping, partying and traveling just feels better with your crew right behind you. Just think about all of the usies and Snapchats videos you have capturing your best moments with your squad. Most singers and rappers understand that the music industry can be shady so they rely on a close-knit team of family, childhood friends and even trusted hired help to keep them grounded.

In order to maintain success and their sanity, artists keep only the most reliable and dopest squad -- better known as the entourage -- around. If you're in the circle, not only do you have the bragging rights of calling Kanye West, Prince or Beyonce your friend but you also reap the benefits of rolling with such high-profile celebs. From trips on private jets to award show after-parties, life is a celebration. When Rick Ross' Mastermind album reached No. 1, the rapper dropped $250,000 on watches for his Maybach Music Group fam. DJ Khaled, Wale and Meek Mill were saluted with ice.

There's even more perks. Rihanna bought her baby brother, Rorrey Fenty, a mansion in Barbados in 2012. For Solange’s 25 birthday in 2011, her queen of an older sister, Beyonce, had her assistant call Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman to send the singer 25 pairs of shoes -- one for each year she was born. Artists are aware that the squad means everything and they have no problem sharing what they do with their team on social media. After all, how else can they showcase how they kick it with the crew and let fans know that when you are on the team you are thoroughly taken care of.

They may not brag about it all, but photos of parties, jets, shopping and just laying low are enough to make any fan dream about achieving some of R&B and hip-hop’s Squad Goals. We trolled the Instagram accounts of Rihanna, Dej Loaf and more to show you just what it's like to be on the squad.

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