Anais and Rich Dollaz have been creeping around for a while. And while they weren't hiding it, there was one person who didn't know—Anais' husband, Ruben.

However, Ruben proved he had a feeling something was going on in last night's episode (January 1) and demanded his wife stop all her partying ways. Naturally, Anais fought back, and Ruben responded with a divorce threat. Of course, Anais didn't back down and left.

She ended up crashing Rich's guy night with Navarro and Jacque. Before she responded to Ruben's threats, she wanted to make sure Rich had her back. After showing some vulnerability to her new man, he promised he would be by her side the whole way.

The two showed off their relationship at Anais' event but the love fest was ruined when Jonathan arrived and started to blast Rich for getting involved with Anais. Things got worse when Ruben popped up at the party to show his wife support during her signing. But once he saw Rich, Ruben's worries about infidelity were proven right.

Safaree and Dreamdoll were starting to get serious—or so he, along everyone else, thought. But when he found that Dreamdoll called someone else out with #NationalBoyfriendDay on social media, he started to question the status of their relationship. And when he met with Dreamdoll, he found out that she was not only talking to him but also a few other guys. In her defense, Dreamdoll pointed out that he hasn't stepped up as a boyfriend, so, she needed to find the love and care from other places. By the end of the conversation, the two were clearly done.

Safaree was sad, but it didn't last long. Since he's been working with Juju on her play, he figured it might be a good idea to follow his mom's idea and ask her out. During rehearsal, she actually agreed to hang out. And since he's no longer with Dreamdoll, he thought it would mean that working with Mariahlynn wouldn't be such a bad idea. The two met up at Snoop's event, where they both performed, to sort the details out. But then, Bri showed up to ruin that party. By the end of it, Bri was carried out of the club, and Mariahlynn had to apologize again about being involved another fight.

All the drama surrounding Mariahlynn made DJ Self question whether he should continue working with her. When he confronted ML about it, she quickly broke down and reminded him that she was there since day one. She preceded all the new acts on Gwinin, and she helped him as much as he had helped her. She demanded that Self step up, otherwise she would need to go elsewhere. As dramatic as that was, Mariahlynn did feel shafted despite some wrong decisions.

What will Self do about the ladies of Gwinin? Will they all get along at some point? Tune in next week to find out!


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