Although each of the ladies on Love & Hip Hop bring the fire, Monday night's episode (November 27) proved that Anais is the hottest one of them all. And if there's something that she wanted, she wasn't afraid to get it. The Latina singer met up with Rich Dollaz and quickly engaged in some heavy flirty as she sat on the couch. While Rich was still unsure of her intentions, Anais made things a little clearly when she sat closer to him and started unbuttoning his shirt. And although Rich promised that he would stop creepy and be a changed man on the season premiere, he couldn't resist Anais' charm and had to conquer. Now what will her husband think about this one?

After her son told Lil Mo that his dad could be cheating on her, Mo didn't know what else to do but ask Karl to take a lie detector test. Unfortunately, the results weren't in his favor because he failed. When she confronted him, Karl couldn't say anything but ask what he could do to help their relationship. So Mo brought in a relationship therapist, and the conversation instantly got emotional, especially after Karl admitted that he was sexting with another woman. And although had been known to just leave a relationship that wasn't working, she wanted try to make this one work. And it looked like they were going to try do just that.

Meanwhile, Remy Ma is getting ready to live the best life she could live. She was halfway done with her album, and she was opening a new store. Despite all the career success, Papoose reminded her about their baby promise. Although we've seen Remy become hesitant in the past, she was quickly said OK and agreed to also start in vitro treatments.

Although Safaree had been enjoying being back in New York City and building a relationship with Dreamdoll, his world was rocked when he found out his uncle was stabbed to death. Considering we've seen Safaree be the happy-go-lucky guy, this was another side of him that we never thought we would see on the show. But at least Dreamdoll was there to support him through the tragic time.

Finally Bianca had been hustling the a while, and she didn't feel like she had the support of Yandy, who was meant to be her manager. What made it worse was that Jonathan had been spreading that Bianca has been talking smack about Yandy, which B didn't appreciate. So with the help of Juju, Bianca confronted Yandy about her situation. But as they were trying to talk it out Jonathan arrived, and soon glasses and ice were thrown.

Will Bianca ever learn to keep her cool? Be sure to tune in next week to find out what's next.

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