It may be Valentine's Day, but love was not in the air during last night's season finale of Love & Hip Hop.

If you watched last week's traumatic dramatic episode, then you know things didn't end well between Kimbella and Kim Wallace during Lil Mendeecees' birthday party. And Lil Mendeecees birthday is exactly where last night's episode began. Unbeknownst to Ms. Wallace, Yandy invited her best friend (Kimbella) to her children's half-sibiling's annual celebration of life. (Confused yet? Don't worry, it gets more complicated.) While Yandy never made it past the sidewalk (a block away from the venue), Kimbella did. And because Kimbella didn't see anyone she knew, she threw her hands up in excitement at the face she recognized: Kim Wallace. But in Kimbella's words, "Kim Wallace turned into Kimbo Slice" when she saw Juelz Santana's lady approaching the front door with her arms in the air. So what did she do? She took off her jacket and got ready to fight. Fortunately, VH1's topnotch security was standing by and prevented any unnecessary hair-pulling or fist swinging from occurring.

A few days later, Kim and Kimbella decided to meet to address the tension from Little Mendeecees' party. After explaining both sides, it was agreed that their quarrel was a big misunderstanding, but one question remained: What happened to Yandy?

According to the missing mommy-in-action, Yandy was walking with Judy, her mother-in-law, and her kids towards the party when she saw the commotion. But instead of going to see if everyone was alright, she took her kids and their grandmother and turned right back around towards the car. After the chaos, Yandy and Kimbella also meet to talk about what really happened and how to move forward from here. (If you're wondering what the issue is, Mendeecees has four children with three different women, and the children aren't in each others lives.) Erika, the mother of Mendeecees' second child, Aasim, just wants the kids to grow up together and know that each other exist, but Yandy isn't an advocate for the cause. In fact, according to Erika and Samantha, Lil Mendeecees mother, Yandy has turned down every open invitation offered to be a part of their kids' lives.

To squash the beef, Kimbella asks her BFF to sit down with all the women involved in her blended family and come up with a plan. Ultimately, Yandy agrees, but the sit-down doesn't end well. Judy starts screaming, Erika gets disrespectful, Kimbella calls Mendeecees out for not knowing how to use a condom. Needless to say, the Harris family feud continues.

While the girls were busy trying to find ways for their children to bond, DJ Drewski was trying to get his girl back. But it looks like he may need some help in the romance and apology department.

After catching his girl Sky going through his phone on camera, Drewski posted the video of her on social media, which caused relationship mayhem. In an attempt to apologize, he invited Sky to meet him on "neutral ground" so they can talk. Unfortunately for Drewski, when Sky shows up, she doesn't rush to see him. Instead, she rushes to her friend Jose (aka No. 35), who just happens to be hanging out where Sky and Drewski are set to meet. Knowing that encounter didn't go as planned, Drewski took another shot at giving a proper apology by asking Sky to meet him one more time, but this time, the meeting took place in a more familiar place. With champagne and roses in hand, Sky said she will accept Drew's apology, but won't be returning home yet. To seal the deal, Drewski makes a call and has a friend bring around a new Porsche truck - but Sky can only have the car if she changes her number (because he's uncomfortable with the people who have her current number).  Of course, she said no deal, and walks away from the car and Drew.

As the finale came to an end, VH1 made sure to give every cast member their final piece of TV time with a brief synopsis of what's to come.

Cardi B is back from Cancun, and finally shooting her new video with Red Cafe. Remy and Pap watch their kids, DeJenae and Jace, come together and shoot their first music video. Then, they surprise them by introducing them to Hot 97's TT Torrez and tell them they'll be performing at Hot 97's coveted Who's Next showcase. Rich Dollaz is emotional af over Cisco being friends with Mariahlynn, and accuses him of breaking up the Creep Squad.

Get ready for the reunion!

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