Ever since Zell and Alexis have been getting closer, it put a wedge between his friendship with Masika. Things got especially worse when Zell tried to bring the two ladies together and Masika ended up getting closer to Misster Ray. Tired of all the drama Zell had been causing her, she went ahead and tried to sabotage his styling job with Angel Gold. And in good Love & Hip Hop fashion, she crashed the photo shoot and told him that his job there was done. As we've seen all season, Zell was a fighter. So he stood his ground and refused to leave, even when Angel Gold's manager told him he was done. Instead, he and Masika got into a full-blown fight while everyone sat there watching.

Meanwhile, Moniece and A.D.'s relationship had been going from bad to worse. And A.D. was so fed up with it that he joined Zell and Alexis at a lesbian club where she got her drink on and started flirting with Alexis. Unfortunately for A.D., Moniece found out about all the steamy dancing and saw the evidence, thanks to Tiffany. She confronted A.D. about this, and it was clear that their great relationship at the beginning of the season was crumbling. By the end of the conversation, A.D. was set to move out of Moniece's. And in Moniece's eyes, their relationship is officially done.

No matter how done Booby and Keyshia were with their relationship, their child still brought them together. Aside from that, they're still really close. So when they went shopping for their son's new clothes, Keyshia asked Booby about how his love life was going. And he revealed that he started to have feelings for Brooke and invited her to Catalina so the two could build on their relationship. While some wouldn't like to hear that from their exes, Keyshia was hardly fazed. The only thing that she wasn't too happy about was the blind date Zell and her cousin set her up on in last week's episode.

Last week, we also saw the brewing feud between Brooke and Hazel-E. With both women now interested in Booby, it only made sense that the two would hate each other and spread that negativity to social media. To settle the score, Brooke set up a meeting with Hazel. Unfortunately, things got ugly very quickly with flipped over tables and lots of security having to keep the women away from each other.

Although it seemed liked Brooke was all for taking things to the next level with Booby, her encounter with Marcus proved that she wasn't as ready as she thought. When the two saw each other at a party, the conversation started as a fight but soon turned into a lot more emotions than Brooke was ready to handle at that moment. We also found out when Marcus was in the studio with Bridget that he already had an engagement ring for Brooke in pocket. However with all the Booby news, he felt that he had to return it and move on. Brooke wasn't aware of the proposal but also couldn't handle the discussion with Marcus and had to leave the party.

Despite all the drama, two people seemed to have made a new love connection on the show. Solo Lucci had heard about Chanel West Coast's talent. But aside from wanting to get into the studio with her, he also wanted to see if there would be sparks between them. So he invited her out bowling. She agreed but brought Nikki and Saferee as her chaperones. Chanel and Solo's flirtation was pretty electric. So something's bound to happen between the two. Now what will Alexis think about all of this?


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