Part one of the 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' reunion may have ended with Nana, aka Miss Nikki baby's mom, trying to get a twerk contest popping between her and Masika, but part two of the epic #LHH cast assembly took the old lady out of the ring and let Nikki and Masika go at it one-on-one.

But if viewers learned nothing else, they quickly recognized the collagen queen can't show up to a fight without a sidekick. The celebrity debutante had Mally Mall sitting right by her side. But their feud didn't take center stage for long because Mona Scott-Young wanted fans to know what was going on with the B2K love quadrangle between Fizz, Moniece, Amanda and the guy Amanda's sleeping with in Miami.

Their storyline has been on the show since day one, but the VH1 producers reminded fans of Moniece and Amanda's second violent encounter. You know, when Moniece calmly leaped across a restaurant table and politely pulled on Amanda's hair while saying, "Didn't I tell you, h--" in her monotone voice. And when it comes to Fizz's ex-fiancee, that's where it always starts.

Openly confronting Amanda about her disrespectful actions towards the father of her son, Moniece tore the ex-girlfriend a few new holes while explaining their physical confrontation. And she did it with such class.

As much as viewers were over Moniece during the season, they seemed to quickly side with her as she defended her family. However, Amanda didn't appreciate being put on blast in front of millions of viewers. In fact, she had a real bad attitude during the entire show.

To ease the tension while adding a little fuel to the fire, Mona asked Amanda if she was acting out or cheating because she was concerned about Fizz and Moniece's relationship. Of course, she said, "No!" because she "knows Drew."

"Looking back, now I realize that I did make a mistake and I didn't fully understand what I wanted," said Amanda. "Now, I love Drew so much, but I don't know."

Amanda tried to explain further before Moniece chimed in to say, "Where was the love when you were rollin' with ol' boy? Where was the love when you were at breakfast? Where was the love when you were signing a lease? Where was love, Jesus?"

Well, the answer is simple. While Moniece was fighting for Fizz's attention via her cell phone, and Amanda was finding reasons to justify her infidelity, the love was sitting between the former B2K star and Miss Nikki Baby.

Drew needed some time away from the drama. So, somehow he wound up in the arms of a strip club heiress. While the pair claim to now be just really good friends, they say they were there for each other during tough times.

In true Mona fashion, the media mogul brought Nikki to the stage and asked Fizz a simple question, "Do you think Nikki was an upgrade from Amanda?" But Fizz is so smooth, he flipped his answer so good you would have thought he was applying for a job at McDonald's.

"Nikki's honesty was a real upgrade," he said. Well done, Fizz-o. Well done.

As Amanda, Moniece, Fizz and the unidentified Miami guy hashed out their issues onstage, viewers knew they weren't the only love boat sinking during the season.

Ray J had his bouts with a few cast members, but the saddest one to watch fall apart was he and Morgan's longtime relationship. Not trying to give the single mother any shine during the reunion, Ray looked at Mona and said he was only speaking through her (raise your hands if you felt like you were back in sixth grade).

As Morgan tries to get her former boss to man up and take responsibility for his foolishness, Ray has five simple words to say to her: "Shut. The. F---. Up. Morgan." But Princess had a lot to say to Morgan, so that wasn't the end of the conversation.

"I love Morgan like a sister," Princess told Mona. "I went to her and vented to her when me and Ray would go through it because I felt like she was a mutual person that knew us both."

But that mindset quickly changed. Frustrated with the conversation, Ray J asked his girl to "please go knock her out real quick?" Princess is obedient and submissive so, of course, she went across the stage to throw a quick one-two punch. Next thing you know, security is running onstage and Morgan is screaming, "put me the f--- down."

Filled with rage and anger backstage, Morgan started throwing fists at her dressing room door while screaming she never did anything her former boss and his girlfriend said onstage.

While the height of the drama stopped there, Soulja Boy and Nia had their moment before the end of the show. But don't worry, nothing popped off.

Overall, it was another somber season finale for 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.' But the show must go on.

Be sure to catch the new season of the original ratchet drama, 'Love & Hip Hop,' which airs every Monday at 8PM ET on VH1.

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