If you thought the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' reunions were full of drama, then VH1 and Mona Scott-Young have an early Christmas present just for you. Kicking off with Mona's opening statements, the cast of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' sat in a quick moment of silence before that was cut short. Due to Yung Berg's antics, he jumped right in to shine light on drama.

So in case anyone missed out, Hazel-E smashed the homie aka Ray J. Looks like he's always going to hit it first. And in true VH1 fashion, the writers took advantage of the situation and put Ray J, Teairra Mari and Princess' love triangle in the hot seat.

Entering the ring from stage left, Princess addresses Morgan or Teairra, no one is for sure, with a not-so-subtle "What's up fake ass, hoe?" While Morgan's the one that responds, the shot could have gone either way, especially since the argument that followed popped off with Tea Tea and her "cute" moments with Ray during his two-week separation from Princess.

She was quick to call Teairra out and tell the world that the former Roc-a-Fella singer was choking on a little something while parked in a back alley. But if viewers have learned anything this season, it takes a lot less than a few choice words and accusations to get Teairra jumping to her feet. So it wasn't a surprise when she took her shoe off and pulled back to chuck it across the stage to defend her "good" name.

To keep things tense, Hazel-E jumps in and once again proves to viewers that she really is nuts. Still being embarrassed by Berg for her perception of their relationship, Hazel takes after her former bestie and pops off at the mouth while jumping to her feet to put Berg's new girl, Masika Kalysha, in check while shutting her old jump off beau down. In fact, according to Yung Berg, Hazel-E was just his "Melanie Fiona; his 4am." He said she was lower than a booty call.

And here, the transition into round three begins.

Hazel-E might have thought she was Berg's old girl, but it's clear Masika is his new one. That's one thing Hazel can't stand. As the two start to have it out with a clever battle of expletives, like "Shut the f--- up, bitch" and "You're the hoe," Miss Nikki Baby feels the need to jump in and express her senseless disgust with the video vixen. But here we would like to point out that Nikki and Masika have beef over a man neither one of them is with.

Princess starts cracking a smirk at the vulgar outburst taking place onstage like she wasn't just going at it with Teairra Mari. Then Nikki receives a little back up when Mona asks her mother, Michelle, to join everyone onstage. And while viewers got a glimpse of Mama Mudarris during the season, audiences everywhere had a much better understanding of Nikki's out-of-control behavior after watching the 70-plus-year-old woman take shots at Masika like she was a 15-year-old girl in a school yard fight.

As for Masika, she surprisingly showed some maturity, saying her mother taught her to respect her elders so she wouldn't speak to Michelle any kind of way. Of course, Nikki found that offensive. While Michelle Mudarris aka "Nana" tries to handle things like a teenager, Masika and the rest of the audience and cast can't help but laugh as "grandma" talks out of the side of her mouth.

Repeatedly offering to take her clothes off to compare herself to Masika, Berg's new girl responds the best way she can: "Nana wants to twerk. Can I get some ones for Nana? I want to see those wrinkles jiggle!" That brings Nikki to her feet, and of course, the cameras had to cut.

Talk about a kick off to part one of a reunion. Get ready for the final rounds going down next week -- Nana twerking and all.

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