After a weekend-long marathon, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta finally returned to television for its season 6 premiere. Before we jump into this week's dramatic saga, here's a quick rundown of where things left off last season: Stevie J found out his "estranged wife" Joseline was pregnant after their split and immediately questioned the paternity of the child; Mimi started wooing women after two publicly failed relationships (Stevie J and Nikko); Karlie Redd and Yung Joc started "hanging out" again; and Kirk and Rasheeda were finally in a good place. Caught up?

Now, let's if any of that changed.

The LHHA premiere began with Joseline showing off her pregnancy. Acknowledging she's going through her pregnancy without the help of Stevie J, Joseline embarked on the ever-popular pregnancy photoshoot, but unlike most photoshoots, her's was done in a pool covered in white rose petals while wearing a white giant headpiece. During the photoshoot, Joseline updated viewers on her post-Stevie life. Though she admitted she never thought she would be experiencing her pregnancy alone, VH1's turnup queen said she's taking care of herself and working hard to provide for her "baby girl."

While Joseline's preparing for motherhood, it looks like Stevie is busy wandering the streets--as usual. This time, he's in the street with Tommie, Joseline's current nemesis. For those who don't know, Joseline filed assault charges against Tommie; who was arrested after willingly going to speak with police about her most recent incident with Ms. Hernandez. As a turn of events would have it, Tommie reached out to Stevie J as a witness to what transpired between she and Joseline--the incident when she was swinging and punching at Joseline's face. Stevie agreed to help Tommie, but he couldn't do much once detectives said they had already issued a warrant for her arrest. Oh well.

Does anyone remember when Kirk took a little hiatus from Rasheeda in that cabin with a couple of strippers? According to last night's premiere, one of those strippers is named Jasmine, and according to Jasmine, she just had Kirk's baby. In most instances, viewers would be sitting at the edge of their seats in shock, but it's Kirk we're talking about. Is anyone that surprised?

Jasmine confronted Karlie Redd during a masquerade party, and let her know that she gave birth to Kirk's seed three months ago (as it pertains to the timing of this conversation). Yung Joc happens to be around to witness the conversation (because he and Karlie Redd are rekindling their situationship), and whispers to Jasmine, "You need to stop. You're giving too much information." It didn't seem like Karlie caught onto that sneaky course of events, but definitely knew Joc was privy to something i.e. knowing a piece of Jasmine's relationship with Kirk. It just so happened, Kirk was on his way to this party, and Joc sent an SOS text so that his friend wouldn't blindly walk into a crazy situation. Unfortunately, Kirk never saw the text. After the man better known as Rasheeda's husband enters the party, Jasmine returns to confront Kirk because she's "buzzed enough" to do so. While Kirk tries to play dumb, Karlie boldly says, "Do you have a baby by this girl?" Kirk just mumbles. Literally. Then, he eventually says, "No." He leaves the party to get home to explain the situation to Rasheeda before Karlie can, and Rasheeda doesn't believe a word he says. But best believe, she's going to get to the bottom of this.

If that was just the first 60 mins of a long season to come, imagine what's next. Here's a preview: Mimi is still lurking in the "lady pond," but this time it's with her new potential boo, Melissa; Waka wants Tammie back; and Rasheeda tells Kirk to get out!
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