After Kirk Frost gave the separation papers to Rasheeda in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, her mom, Shirleen, and Kirk started arguing again. And at that point, Kirk had enough -- of the drama and especially of Love & Hip Hop. He started yelling at anyone who would be in front of him and was ready to bite back at Shirleen when she would continue to interrogate him about that paternity test.

Back at Pressed, Rasheeda, her step-daughter and Shirleen discussed what the papers were. Rasheeda explained that it broke down all their assets in the case that she and Kirk divorced. Everything would go to her except for the fact that Kirk would continue to manage her for two more years. Then an envelope came for Rasheeda. It was from Jasmine, who may not have ever met Rasheeda in person but apologized for everything that happened. After reading the letter, everyone found out that Logan was not the biological father of Jasmine's baby, which only made the Kirk the only likely candidate.

Momma Dee, KK, Deb Antney and Tammy's mom hold another gathering to get Tommie and her mom, Samantha, talking again. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned because Samantha was caught drinking alcohol again and the two women instantly started arguing with each other. After seeing how it went down, Deb had to set Samantha straight and told her the pain she went through losing her children. Samantha realized that she needed to clean her act up in order to make things work again with Tommie. So she brought Tommie to a therapy session, but things escalated so quickly that Samantha walked out on her. But then the doctor convinced Samantha to come back in a talk to her daughter. Samantha walked in, got on her knees and apologized to Tommie about what she's done. And while that didn't fix everything, it was the first step.

Lovely Mimi finally set some roots down in Atlanta and opened up her own nail salon. As she's trying to avoid all the craziness in the ATL, of course, trouble would come to her. As a sign of support for Lovely Mimi's business, Treasure and Moriah came by to get pedicures. However things went sour quickly when Lovely Mimi admitted that she told Sierra that Moriah was sleeping with her husband. A fight erupted that had security holding Mimi back while Treasure was carried out of the scope.

Meanwhile after Joseline's meeting with Stevie J's daughters, she's ready to move to Miami with Bonnie Bella. She gave Stevie an ultimatum. He could drop the Panamanian Goddess, Estelita, from his label, and then Joseline and him and get married and be one happy family. But Stevie was officially done with Joseline and her schemes, and he proved that during his party where he announced that Estelita is officially the first lady of Danger Zone. And he also promised that he's going to keep hustling and make sure to have Bonnie Bella in his life.

After his announcement, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta put together a fiery montage of all the times Joseline caused a ruckus on the set. And after six seasons, it looked like Joseline was done with the show. See the clip below to find out what went down, and be sure to tune in to the reunion special where we get to find out what happened between Kirk and Rasheeda, Tommie and her mom and finally Joseline's fate.

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