When the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta guys crashed the ladies' trip to Jamaica, Kirk promised Rasheeda that he would go and take a DNA test to was or wasn't the father of Jasmine's baby. And this week, he fulfilled his promise but made sure to do it through his lawyer. But what we Rasheeda didn't realize was that Kirk also had separation papers drawn up, too. He then followed his family to where they were going on their getaway and delivered the news to Rasheeda and everyone in person. He claimed that he was only doing this to make sure that the businesses they built together would be protected and Jasmine would get nothing in case he actually his the father of her child. Rasheeda was taken aback by the information, and her mother was furious because she believed that he wasn't taking responsibility for his actions. But little did she know that he already went ahead and took the paternity test. We also found that Jasmine brought her baby to get that done, too. Of course, they kept those results a secret till next week.

Meanwhile, Tammy, who reconciled with Tommie, wanted to bring Jessica Dime and her together to make amends. While Tommie was hesitant, she agreed. She was trying to turn her life around after all. Unfortunately when Tammy and Rasheeda, who were there as arbitrators, sat down with Jessica and Tommie, it didn't take too long till the two started bickering and were about to brawl. Of course, security was immediately called in to separate the two women. And that peacemaking session was a complete bust.

If you were able to see last week's episode of the show, you saw the showdown between Joseline and Stevie's older daughters. Although Stevie J wanted the ladies to make amends, Joseline's "apology" wasn't well-received and ended with the girls walking off, Stevie following them and realizing that he should probably be done with Joseline. But Stevie's daughters were still worried about their dad. So they met with Mimi to tell her what was happening. Despite her hatred towards Joseline, she loves Stevie's older daughters. The women all revealed their feelings about Joseline and hoped he would finally leave her.

Although things didn't go well with Jessica, Tommie didn't let that faze her. But she still had her mom on her mind -- even though she tried to forget about that relationship altogether. And KK was still on a mission to get Tommie and her mother, Samantha, back together. So she brought Samantha, Momma Dee and Tammy's mom together for a lunch to talk about their children and try to get Samantha back on track. Although she was hesitant, Samantha agreed to meet with Tommie again.

What will happen when Tommie and her mother sit down for another conversation? We don't have a great feeling about this one. But be sure to tune in and see how it goes down next week.

Rasheeda Kirk Frost Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

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