While everyone had been grilling Kirk about whether he's the father of Jasmine's baby, Logan--who claimed he's Jasmine's ex-boyfriend--paid Rasheeda a visit and said that he could be the baby's daddy. Rasheeda was still skeptical, but Logan showed her photos from when he and Jasmine were dating and even had his father's death certificate to show that the baby's name is the same as his. Rasheeda was even more blown away by the fact that Logan was more than willing to take a pregnancy test to see if he was the father while her own husband was giving her the run around about it.

But after Kirk seemed to change his tune after he met up with his boys. He missed his kids and Rasheeda. And the guys told him that in order to make things better, he should just take that test. As Kirk still mulled it over, Rasheeda met up with her close friend, Kandi Burruss, to talk about her situation. Kandi said she had Rasheeda's back no matter what she decided to do, but she wanted Rasheeda to try and make things work with Kirk.

Despite what's happening in Atlanta, most of the episode focused on the ladies' trip to Jamaica. Karlie and Mimi arrived first and met up with Karlie's friend, dancehall sensation Spice, to settle in. But things got a little dicey for Mimi when Karlie tried to be the arbitrator and have Mimi and Melissa make up. Unfortunately, Mimi couldn't deal, and the two are still on rocky ground.

Before heading to Jamaica, Tammy had to set things straight with Waka Flocka Flame, who she finally let back into the house. While he moved his stuff back in, she finally admitted to Waka that she's been getting back into the studio and recording new music. Tammy admitted that she's been singing long before she met her husband and only pushed to the side when she got pregnant. But with everything that's happened, she hoped she can pick it up again. After hearing a snippet of one of the tracks, Waka couldn't be happier for his wife but hopes that one day they can collaborate.

Back in Jamaica, it looked like Karlie was having the time of her life. Despite introducing everyone to her new boo, Cesear, at her store opening, she was definitely letting loose on the dance floor. And while all her friends laughed at how crazy she was getting, they were happy to see that Karlie was in a better place.

Unfortunately, Karlie's fun came to an abrupt halt when Yung Joc showed up with Treasure, which we found out was his way of getting back at Karlie for bringing Cesear. What happened to the ladies' getaway? Is this the end of the surprises for the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Probably not, but tune in next week to see what happens next.


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