Joseline was nowhere to be found during the first part of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's season six reunion special. And while host Nina explained that she was refusing to come onstage, Stevie J revealed that she was officially done with the show altogether. After hearing the news, a clip played of Joseline venting to Stevie about how she was done with LHH ATL and that she didn't need them anymore.

Although everyone in the studio was shocked by the news, it was obvious that the cast was relieved. Stevie was done with her, and Jessica, who befriended her after their rivalry, may be cool with her but was glad everyone saw Joseline for who she was. Meanwhile, Mimi was obviously happy about that news and even brought up that Estelita should get with Stevie because she'd prefer to be Eva's step-mom, not Joseline. Stevie laughed it off and said that it seemed Mimi was crushing on Estelita. Even though the conversation sounded like it could got the threesome route, Estelita put the brakes on that and told everyone she was focusing on her career.

Although Mimi and Stevie liked Estelita, Karlie still wasn't impressed. She accepted Estelita's apology but wouldn't say sorry back. But one person she may have forgiven was Yung Joc. Over the course of the series, Joc and Karlie have been the serial on-and-off couple. But even though this year blew up in their faces with trying to make each other jealous, it looked like they made up while in Jamaica. But did they hook up after? Jessica, Mimi and probably the rest of the people in the studio thought so, but they stayed silent on that one.

Tommie tried her best to get her life together on the sixth season. But there were a few people in her way -- her mom and KK. When Nina asked about Tommie's mom, she instantly couldn't handle it and walked off stage. Tommie eventually returned but left again when KK came on the line. The two started arguing, and in the end, Tommie didn't think it was worth the effort and was done -- not just with KK but with the show altogether, too.

Momma Dee was feeling very frisky throughout the season because her husband Ernest was spending more time at his mom's than with his wife. Whether it was learning more about sex toys to crashing her mother-in-law's place, Dee did everything she could to get her man back and the way she wanted him. Although he admitted on the reunion show that he loved both of the women in his life, he was going to try to make things work out.

Srappy and Bambi never made it down the aisle, and he's finally a single man. But it seemed like he wasn't just finished with trying to walk down the aisle, but he's also ready to move to new scenery. He revealed that he's moved to Miami, which leads Love & Hip Hop fans to new info on the upcoming LHH spin-off, Love & Hip Hop Miami. But before we get to Miami, we first head to Hollywood, for the new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, which starts next week.

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