This week, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta didn't present the usual drama, tears and thrown drinks. Instead the show celebrated Mother's Day a little early by focusing on new mama, Joseline, and how baby girl Bonnie Bella came into the world. The episode felt more like a short documentary, showing Joseline going through contractions and ready to give birth--footage that was spliced with the weeks leading up to her labor.

Although Dawn and Melissa have been her ride or dies this season, Joseline was thrilled to know her family came up from Miami to help her out in a any way they can.

And of course, Joseline couldn't have Bonnie Bella come into the world without throwing her the party of the century. And although she did request strippers instead of classy ballerinas, the Puerto Rican Princess had one of the most extravagant baby showers you could ever see. Aside from family and famous friends, Momma Dee arrived as the queen of Atlanta and gifted Bonnie Bella with her very first crown, while Mariahlynn gave a booty shaking performance complete with lap dance. And finally Dawn gave a heartfelt speech that brought Joseline to tears.

Before the party, Joseline was treated to some sexual healing courtesy of her gal pal Nikki from the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast. Joseline was nervous at first because of the baby's safety, but her friends reassured her that she can have fun between the sheets while keeping Bonnie Bella safe.

After all the festivities, Joseline was finally on her way to becoming a mother. And on Dec. 28, she gave birth to her daughter, Bonnie Bella, and even shared some of the footage below, which you can see below.

Despite all the pain (she did it all naturally) Joseline was so happy to see her baby in her arms. And perhaps Bonnie warmed her heart so much that she even let Stevie J come and visit his daughter. Despite the two being cordial with each other, Joseline made sure to remind Stevie that he can be in her life as long as he makes sure to take care of her and pay that child support. The only question now is if he'll actually follow through.

Tune in next week to see the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where we will find out the fate of Scrappy and Bambi.

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