Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ended on an explosive note that pushed Karlie to her limits. After the argument that erupted between her and Joseline, she stormed out of the room and started sobbing to Jessica Dime and Melissa, who were surprised by her reaction. But after venting about everyone coming at her whenever she defended Joseline, this was her breaking point. Jessica and Melissa calmed her down, and she returned to the room and tried to talk to Joseline again. But before Karlie could say anything, Joseline apologized. And after she said her piece and Karlie did the same, the two ladies finally hugged it out and things were peaceful again.

Joseline may have made amends with Karlie, but she seemed to be making things worse with the other ladies--especially Rasheeda. During her weeklong stint as co-host of The Real, she started to dish about the rumors surrounding Kirk's infidelity and the future of Rasheeda and her husband's relationship. She even alluded to the fact that they may have had issues in the marriage prior to the cheating. This, of course, eventually got to Rasheeda, who'd had enough of all the whispers and gossip around her. She then confronted Kirk and told him that he needed to take a paternity test. Stevie, who met up with Kirk before he saw his wife, already urged Kirk to take the DNA test. With everyone on his back, will Kirk finally take this test? Guess we'll have to wait an see.

Meanwhile, Stevie was enjoying his time taking care of Bonnie Bella while Joseline was in Los Angeles. But as he played house with his new baby daughter, he knew he had to tell his other little girl, Eva, that she now had a baby sister. So he dropped by Mimi's place to finally reveal the news to Eva--who didn't appear too fazed by the news. If anything, she seemed to look forward to being a big sister to Bonnie Bella. A relief for Stevie, but he still needed to make sure that Eva was nowhere near Joseline -- per Mimi's orders.

Finally, Yung Joc is sorting out the women in his life. After his emotional meet up with Karlie, he met with Tommie, who admitted that she was only with him to get back at Karlie over the Scrapp affair. And she also apologized for what she did.

And as he promised, Joc made an appearance at the grand opening of Karlie's new shop. But he was thrown a curve ball when he, along with everyone else, met Karlie's new bae, Ceaser. No one was more dumbfounded than Joc.

What'll happen to Joc and Karlie's friendship? Tune in next week to find out.

Rasheeda 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

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