The season finale of ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Season 4 was downright depressing. As usual, Erica Mena has drowned herself in more drama, although she says she wants the opposite. Her words don't match her actions.

Erica is planning for a big performance, where she'll sing her song, 'Dancing All Over the World.' Since her current girlfriend Cyn and ex-boo Rich Dollaz argued with each other at a previous event, Erica wants them to right their wrongs so there are no blow-ups at her show. “If homeboy behaves I might chat with him after the show,” Cyn tells Erica, referring to Dollaz.  But the friendliness doesn’t last long at all.

Meanwhile, Yandy and Tara go meet up for some girl time, which means shoe shopping and talking about relationships. Tara is still feeling down about her failed relationship with Peter Gunz, but Yandy raises her spirits. “You would be any man’s dream,” she tells Tara. Yandy then brings some even better news and lets her know she has picked Tara to be the star in her new film. Things are finally looking up for her.

Rich Dollaz consults Peter for advice and gives him some updates about the business and his complicated relationship with Erica, which also involves Cyn. Peter co-signs that Erica is doing well on the music front because “she got a following, a ratchet following,” who supports her regardless. Rich reveals that Erica has been creeping up at his apartment and they had sex. He said he plans to be discreet about it at her upcoming show. “This will be a secret. But the first sign of drama I’m blowing s--- up,” he admits. The latter is sure to happen.

For Peter, he consults a “higher power” and an old friend Nick Cannon to give him some advice about what to do next in his relationships. “You need somebody you can be equally yoked with,” Cannon tells him. “Someone that’s willing to take that journey with you. And you know who’s gonna ride for you like that.” Apparently this helps Peter feel better about focusing more on his wife Amina moving forward. He later sits down with Amina to discuss the future of their marriage. “I don’t even know if you know what it means to be a husband,” Amina tells him. “I don’t,’ he admits. “I’m a work in progress but I want to try."

Saigon and Erica Jean seem happy about finally living together and providing a real home for their child. “This relationship is going to be an experiment,” she admits. Erica is all smiles going in to the situation even with her reservations. After all, Saigon and her have a rocky past.

Now it’s almost show time for Erica Mena. The guests are arriving to the venue to see what she's got prepared for the night. Tahiry shows up to support her and runs into her old friend Rashidah at the event -- remember when she kicked Tahiry out of her wedding? It’s a bit awkward at first because it’s been awhile since they last saw each other, but she wants to squash their beef.

Tahiry finally apologizes for being selfish in their friendship. But she adds that she doesn’t accept Rashidah speaking negatively about her past as a “provocative urban model.” Rashidah defends her approach and believes she was trying to help her and then rubs it in her face that “no one would marry” her. Tahiry, visibly frustrated with the disrespect, leaves the venue.

Then even more negativity occurs. After Erica Mena comes out and delivers a decent performance, Cyn and Rich, who are sitting together, begin to open up about their disagreements. “I don’t think you respect our relationship,” Cyn expresses. A few words are exchanged, but things don’t turn ugly until he drops a bomb on her. “Me and Erica is f---ing,” Rich declares. Cyn goes running to look for Erica after hearing this news.

Rich just sits back and smiles spitefully. Once Cyn finds Erica, she grabs her and asks her directly if any of Rich's words about their sexual acitivities is true. But Erica tries to divert the situation. This causes Cyn to go mad. “I’m not dealing with this. I’m done with this,” she states. Erica tries to play the victim, as it is her show, and “everybody else is ruining” it for her. Rich finds her backstage and a scuffle breaks out, which causes security to attempt to break up the fight.

Over in Yandy land, she's planning an event for a fundraiser when she gets a call from Mendeecees, who has now been in jail for a year. “We just want you back home,” she tells him. Even after a year, his case is at a standstill. “You just gotta be patient and keep a positive vibe,” Mendeecees says, trying to console her through the telephone. Yandy doesn’t know if she can hold out for another year.

For K. Michelle, she's happy to finally focus on her music and her family -- nothing else. Tahiry is ready to move on with her life even though Joe Budden always seems to be lurking in the background. We’ll see if any of the cast members actually keep their word during part one of the reunion next week.

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