With the help of Yandy and K. Michelle, Tara is moving forward with her dating life on this week’s episode. They lace the newly single woman with a blonde wig as a fun makeover. Tara brings K. Michelle along on a double date to a stunt class. The actress met the guy at an audition and he brought along his twin. Before the date is over, Tara shares a smooch with her new date and it's apparent she's giddy. She claims she hasn’t been on a date in ages, but it seems like she’s getting the hang of things.

Rich Dollaz visits his mother Jewel to get advice about his rocky relationship with Erica Mena. “She’s a beautiful woman but she’s not irresistible,” she tells him. “You’re weak… Get her out of your head and get her out of your pants.” Rich says he’s a creep and that's why he can’t just stop, but if he continues on this path he can’t get mad if he keeps coming back to the same places.

Meanwhile, Tahiry tells her friend Rashidah about Joe Budden and how he still isn’t treating her right. Rashidah tells her if she posts photos of her own body online, she can’t get mad when Joe shows photos of himself grabbing another woman's ass. “You have attention issues, you have daddy issues,” Rashidah states. As Tahiry is walking to her car, Rashidah tells her she’s no longer in her wedding because she is selfish.

Later on, Rich Dollaz is doing a photo shoot to launch Dollaz Unlimited models. He has brought on a fresh face, Jessica Santiago, a model from Orlando, Fla., who he's booked for Black Men magazine. Jessica is feeling Rich and he's finding it hard to resist her. He's also throwing a launch party for the modeling company and he reconciles with Peter Gunz and asks him to DJ.

Peter agrees even though he knows Yandy will be bringing Tara to the event. Tara does indeed come through with her new boo and rocks her new blonde wig. But these two stay far away from each other during the event. To avoid drama, Rich leaves Eric Mena off the guest list but she crashes anyway. When Erica sees Jessica Santiago clinging to Rich, she starts provoking her, but this new girl doesn’t back down. “You need to teach your bitches to respect authority,” Erica says to Rich. She then throws a drink at Jessica. “You either love me or leave me alone," Erica yells at Rich before making her exit.

During a meeting, Yandy and Rich agree that they want to look outside of New York to find talent for their record label. He also throws in some personal updates. Rich admits he wants to be in a committed relationship with Erica Mena. Yandy tells him to go for it if he really wants her.

As a result of his talk with Yandy, Rich takes Erica to dinner. “I’m ready to really give you want you want,” he admits. “I want you here and you can’t tell me you don’t want to be here.” But to his shock, Ercia is no longer open to the thought of being with him. “The other night I got over you,” she responds.

Joe Budden is really ready to to be serious and commit to Tahiry down. Before doing so, he reached out to her sister Lexie to get her approval on the situation. “I want to get married,” Joe Budden reveals to her. “No. No. No,” Lexie responds in disbelief. “Are you ready for this?” The rapper says he wants to spend the rest of his life with Tahiry. Lexie promises not to say anything and later invites Tahiry over to help pick out the engagement ring.

A few scenes later, Tahiry is in Time Square and Joe calls her up to tell her to look at a giant video screen. People appear holding up signs with words like “love,” “commitment” and “happiness" written on them. Then Joe shows up on the screen with a sign saying “forgiveness” and “I have a question.” When Tahiry looks down, he comes up to her and gets on bended knee with her family and friends watching on the side.

Will Tahiry say yes or no? Stay tuned until next week to find out.

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