After throwing Erica J.'s pocketbook across a parking lot two weeks ago during a temper tantrum, Saigon apologizes to the mother of his son in this new episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York.' What was supposed to be a concerned conversation about little Steven's development didn't end well obviously. So it's nice to see these former love birds kiss and make up.

"I apologize from the bottom of my heart, because that's not acceptable," Saigon says. "I know I f--- up,' Erica is surprised at his sincerity. "It means a lot to me," she responds. They later have a session with a psychologist to get a second opinion about their little one. They get a wake up call when the doctor tells them that their son may have issues communicating because he's always around them when they spew verbal attacks at each other.

In K. Michelle's land, she's been having a series of issues with her tour team and she's firing everybody. She sits down with her management to try to fix the problem. Later during a pow wow with her best friends, she breaks down crying when she's faced with blog rumors that she's pregnant.

Sibling rivalry erupts again on this episode. After Lexi and Tahiry originally agree upon helping their dad build a church, the latter thinks it's better to help him financially first. "I think the smart thing to do is to send dad money so he could save his house," Tahiry reasons. Lexi breaks down and says she "can't trust" Tahiry, because she's always letting her down and killing her dreams.

Meanwhile, Amina interrogates Peter Gunz about not wearing the wedding ring she bought him. "No more spending the night," she tells him, referring to his sleepovers at Tara's house. But what Amina doesn't know is that Gunz and Tara have been having sex for weeks and everyone seems to know but her. Later, Gunz and Amina show up together at club Greenhouse for a night out and they run into Yandy and K. Michelle, who are celebrating the latter's No. 1 R&B album, 'Rebellious Soul.'

"When's the last time you slept with Tara?" K. Michelle asks Gunz, letting the elephant in the room out. Uncomfortable with where this conversation is going, Amina takes Gunz to the side and asks him directly about the situation. He avoids answering, but Amina is clearly getting agitated.

Since the big fight between Erica Mena and Gunz at the restaurant last week, Rich Dollaz feels like his business relationship with Mena is already off to a rocky start. Mena comes to his apartment to talk things out and admits she still has some feelings for him. "The only real reason why I signed it [the contract], was because it was my only way of keeping you in my life," she admits.

She believes things will never work out between them. Meanwhile during her "inspirational" photo shoot in Panama with her girlfriend, Cyn, she reveals the two of them have grown closer. "I think I got a partner for life," Mena says.

Dollaz and Peter Gunz sit down as friends to discuss the fight, in which Mena and the latter threw whatever they could find on the table at each other. "Royalty or ratchetness," Gunz tells Dollaz, serving him with an ultimatum -- look who's talking. However, Dollaz isn't about to let Gunz make him choose because he believes Mena still deserves a shot. As for Gunz, he's now done with Dollaz until he leaves Mena alone.

Yandy later breaks the news to Tara that Gunz and Amina were out rocking wedding rings the other night. Tara is really tired of the lies, as Gunz told her he was going to divorce Amina. She runs up on Gunz and demands that all three of them sit down to speak in the near future. It looks like Gunz has to wave the white flag now. "See you at the house," Gunz says pathetically as she walks off. "No I'm going to change the locks just so you know," Tara points back at him.

And after breaking down and crying in front of Dollaz about her incarcerated boyfriend, Mendeecees, Yandy finally gets some good news. "I just spoke to my lawyer. He says I have a great chance of getting bail," Mendeecees says. Finally, a stressful Yandy can find some relief. We'll see if this legal system acts in her favor now.