"Dissed and Dismissed" was the theme of last night's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,' and rightfully so. From Fizz telling Amanda to "keep it pushing" to Masika telling Hazel-E she needs to deal with her delusional thoughts and let Yung Berg go, #LHH was replete with cast members getting ditched.

Things started popping off when Fizz reached out to his girlfriend, Amanda -- she just can't seem to stop going on dates with the same guy she was caught cheating on Fizz with. He drives around Los Angeles and conveniently pulls up next to his can't-figure-out-how-to-commit chick going to breakfast with her jump off. It's clear Amanda's playing more games than Milton Bradley, but for some reason, the former boy band member hasn't been able to channel his inner K Camp and cut the chick off -- until now.

It seems like Amanda just loves living in the limelight of her "man," but doesn't want to take on any relationship responsibilities like being faithful. When Fizz tries to confront Amanda about her recent stunts, her response is short and sweet. "I mean, I messed up." Obviously she needs a inter-FRIEND-tion (shout out to 'The Real') to tell her what she's doing is way left field.

After telling Amanda she needs to keep it pushing, Fizz has a heart-to-heart with himself, and reaches out to Moniece in an effort to actually work on this "co-parenting thing." Moniece accepts the invite to meet with Fizz, and wanders through L.A. to look at possible houses for him and their son, Cameron. But in true Moniece fashion, Baby Mama takes the invite a little too far, and invites herself to stay at the house if and when she needs to. Of course, Fizz quickly tells her to chill.

After a few days, Amanda shows up at Fizz's door with a present for Cameron to say she's sorry for the way she's been acting. But she still doesn't seem to get she did anything wrong. In her mind, "I'm sorry" should be enough. To prove she's serious about a relationship with Fizz, Amanda reaches out to Moniece for another meeting. Mo can't seem to figure out why this is happening since Fizz already told her about their "temporary" split. Based on the girls' first meeting, the outcome of the sequel was inevitable: Moniece spazzes out like a crazy lady, and pulls Amanda and her hair across a restaurant table.

With 'Save the Last Dance' being reincarnated via #LHH 13 years later, thanks to Kerry Washington's "dissed and dismissed" line, Masika tries to snap Hazel-E into reality letting her know that she and Berg were friends long before Hazel came into the picture. Long story short, she wants her to let him go. Since Masika was trying to make nice with Hazel-E, she distanced herself from her longtime homie, but no she just doesn't "give a f---." The aspiring actress-singer meets up with Berg for some drinks and hors d'oeuvres to reminisce on old times and talk about the girl who stole had her heart stolen i.e. Hazel-E.

"I feel like Martin Lawrence in a 'A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,'" Berg tells Masika. "Like I gave her the song. You know how you give a dog a treat because you don't want them to keep bugging you, like that's what kind of situation it was." Berg says he's not clearing the song he gave to Hazel, and he's not clearing her to spit on it. And to continue to piss off his former booty call, Berg offers to give Masika the track he gave Hazel because he knows his homie been trying to get on her music tip for a while. To announce his new collaboration to the world, he says they need an Instagram photo to celebrate.

When Hazel stumbles across the friendly photos on America's favorite social media site, she can't help but lose her mind. In true reality TV form, Hazel decides to confront Masika about the pics the night of her Ace of Diamonds promotional party. The moral of the story here: Hazel might need to call Passages of Malibu and get to the bottom of her Berg addiction because she's got issues.

Stay tuned.

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