Jay Rock is tired of rappers speaking ill about Kendrick Lamar and this time he's aiming his vitriol towards Wale.

After a fan suggested The Album About Nothing creator and K. Dot should tour together, Wale said that the Compton rhymer "ain't answered that phone since the last nomination." Ouch. "I get the Demi lavato treatment from him now. It's hard out here," he continued.

But while it wasn't a full out diss, the 90059 creator took it as an opportunity to vent.

"I SEE WHY U NOT MMG. SMH," he tweeted at Wale. Rock's remark is in reference to a verbal jab Meek Mill threw at the DC rhymer where he told him that he wasn't part of the label anymore. This happened following Wale's remarks on The Breakfast Club in which he said that Meek lost the battle against Drake.

But Rock had more to say on the matter though.

"Tired of all u suckas wit dot name [in] y'all mouths. Watched all yall do full interviews talkn bout another man? Aint what real ones do," he wrote on his timeline. "Bro don't even know u n----s, and he don't speak on you suckas. The playa way. N---- get some success and rap world get nasty."

Afterwards, the 30-year-old rapper turned his attention to his fellow Top Dawg Entertainment artist. "2016. You either congratulating or speculating. With that being said congrats bro. @KendrickLamar Don't stop champ!" he tweeted.

Check out how it the drama between Jay Rock and Wale unfolded on Twitter below.

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