Rapper Wale sat down with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning (Oct. 21) and ignited a firestorm of controversy over his comments about the Drake and Meek Mill feud and the state of Rick Ross' label, Maybach Music Group.

On the Drake and Meek Mill rap battle, the DMV rhymer felt that Meek lost because he wasn't lyrically prepared. "I honestly think he brought a pencil to a gunfight," he said. "He ain't even bring a knife but a pencil. [He brought] a piece of paper [and] tried to paper-cut him to death."

When asked if MMG is still the powerful unit it once was when it first started in 2009, the "Matrimony" rapper quickly said, "No."

"Y'all ain't dumb," he said. "We're not the unit we once was. It doesn't mean that we're not cool, we are just doing what we got to do. And that’s fine, I don’t ask no body to get in my beefs, it’s not a problem, it’s rap, there’s no bloodshed going on out here."

Hours after the interview hit the internet, Meek Mill went on Instagram to announce that Wale is officially out of MMG and that he should jump off a roof.

"N----s b doing all this to drop a new record gossiping about they hoe ass feelings and they personal life because they miserable and nobody don't rock wit them!" he wrote. "Really stay away from me Fam! U not MMG NOMORE! This why u can't get my number you a hoe!"

"Go jump off a roof like u been tryna do chump! He not MMG IM MAKING THAT CALL," he added. "He been tryna call me saying Rozay owe us money... He don't owe me s--- and if he do I'll get it later .... Go that away!"

What do you think of Wale's remarks about Meek Mill and the state of Maybach Music Group? Tell us in the comments below.

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