After seven months in jail, Bobby Shmurda finally has a hero who'll rescue him from Rikers Island Correctional Facility in New York. He's not Sha Money XL or 50 Cent. He's none other than Public Enemy's Flavor Flav.

Shmurda is in jail but someone had access to his Instagram account, where a video was posted of the famed hypeman and an acquaintance promising to free the rapper. The two are seen posing with wads of cash, although it doesn't look like anywhere near the $2 million needed to free the Brooklyn native.

Still, Flavor Flav and his friend looked totally optimistic about helping out Shmurda.

"We coming to get you out, baby," Flav says. "We in the bank right now. We got dough ... We coming to get you Shmurda. Shmurda was the case that they gave me."

The caption for the video expressed appreciation for Flav's actions. "Can't get any better then the Legendary Hip Hop Hype man himself supporting your release @flavorflav4real@sosog_al," the caption reads. "Show your support people and hashtag #freeshmurda#shmurdawasthecasethattheygaveme#hiphop #freebobbyshmurda #freebobby"

It's been over year since Shmurda's breakout hit "Hot N----" took over the radio. The East Flatbush, Brooklyn rapper looked like he was onward to bigger things when he signed with Epic Records in July of 2014. However, it all came to a halt when police arrested him and members of the GS9 crew in a gang bust at a New York studio in December of that same year.

Flavor Flav hasn't been free from legal drama either. In June, he was indicted for charges related to a speeding arrest while he was on his way to his mother’s funeral.

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