Bobby Shmurda is already serving a seven-year sentence for conspiracy and weapons possession and now he will be spending more time in prison. On Thursday (Feb. 3), the Brooklyn rhymer accepted a plea deal after pleading guilty for promoting prison contraband.

The charges stem from Shmurda’s arrest for sneaking a shank in the jail. The “Hot Boy” rapper’s prison time will now be extended to an additional 1.3 to four years.

According to BOSSIP, Shmurda appeared before Judge Marc Whitten in Bronx Supreme Court and admitted that he tried to smuggle contraband in the prison.

“Is it true that on that date…that you did, in fact, possess a white latex glove balloon wrapped in tape with a sharp metal object?” asked Judge Whitten.

“Attempted, yes sir,” Shmurda responded.

Prosecutors said Shmurda’s girlfriend, Kimberly Rousseau, passed him a “sharpened metal object” during a jail visit to Rikers Island last year. He later lied about the incident to the Grand Jury. Rousseau has since pled guilty to promoting prison contraband. Shmurda could have received seven years just for the perjury charge had the case gone to trial.

Shmurda's family spokesperson, Allen DeWane, said that the rapper needed a weapon because he was being targeted in prison. He is now in protective custody after an inmate tried to stab him a month ago. “These are lowlives,” DeWane told BOSSIP. “They think they can score brownie points if they get a star."

Shmurda has been locked up since late 2014 and has to serve at least six years. The 21-year-old rapper will be eligible for parole in 2021.

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