Bobby Shmurda has had a rough few years ever since he was arrested and locked up while awaiting the trial for his gang case, but this year, he finally was given a fate. The "Hot Boy" rapper was sentenced to seven years by a judge, leaving him to serve about five more years on Rikers Island, as his sentencing will be counting time served.

Now, it looks like the Brooklyn native may be coming into some more luck before 2016 is up, as there is a potential opportunity to see even less prison time. According to TMZ, Alex Spiro, the rapper's attorney, is urging Shmurda to plead guilty to "attempted promoting prison contraband," after he allegedly snuck in a shank onto Rikers Island last year. Even though he is already serving for his murder case, the rapper could get a reduced sentence if he takes the plea deal for the prison contraband case. Reports say that he could be sentenced to as low as one to four years in prison, rather than the full seven he is currently serving.

The site also states that the rapper has to decide if he wants to accept the plea deal by January 7, which is when his next hearing is scheduled for. His friends, family, and loved ones are reportedly pushing him to take the deal, but we'll have to wait and see what happens.


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