Bobby Shmurda had to face more legal issues. The incarcerated rapper is serving seven years for a gang conspiracy sentence, and according to NBC, he has been sentenced to an additional four years after officials said that he received a weapon from a visitor.

NBC reports that Bobby (born Ackquille Pollard) was sentenced for the June 2015 incident in which he was arrested on Rikers Island after being given a homemade knife from a woman named Kimberly Rousseau who was visiting him in prison.

Pollard received an additional four years for contraband. But by pleading guilty, the sentence will run parallel to existing time. He won't be doing any more years than his original sentence.

Pollard pleaded guilty in fall 2016 to conspiring with a gang that authorities have said was responsible for several shootings in Brooklyn. The plea deal kept Pollard for going ot trail and facing multiple counts and heavier sentences.

"Pollard has now resolved all of his legal matters and looks forward to getting back with his career," Pollard's attorney said after sentencing Friday (April 7).

Rousseau, 18, was caught smuggling the knife into Rikers in her bra in June 2015. She accepted a plea deal in 2015 will have her criminal record expunged if she hasn't violated her probation. It was reported soon after the story broke that Rousseau was not romantically involved with Bobby Shmurda, but an overzealous fan.

Shmurda accepted a plea deal back in February after pleading guilty for promoting prison contraband.

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