Flavor Flav has removed Chuck D’s name from a lawsuit where he’s seeking royalties that are owed to him.

Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, initially sued Public Enemy founder Chuck D and several other producers claiming that he hadn’t received monies in years for any live shows, music or merchandise. He also claimed that his image was used on P.E.’s new album Nothing Is Quick in the Desert without his permission.

According to theJasmineBRAND, Flav removed Chuck D’s name from the lawsuit. However, Bomb Squad producer Gary G-Wiz other managers are still on the complaint.

Chuck D addressed Flav's lawsuit last year on Twitter. “Flav will be ok... Drama is beneath me considering our Age,” he tweeted. “It's low entertainment, but I definitely like to find those 50 songs he wrote.”

“It's his new mgt that vengefully felt that suing a 3rd party & connecting me was a good move for him #stupid," he continued.

Attorneys for both Flavor Flav and Chuck D had no comment on the matter.

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