Who ever named this finale episode "Hella Perspectives" was hella right. The usual half hour show was extended to 49 minutes, giving Insecure fans time to absorb one pivotal month, three times from the perspectives of Issa, Molly, and Lawrence.  The distinct finale is written by Issa Rae herself and directed by Melina Matsoukas.

First up is 30 Days with Lawrence, where we see him continuing to run a marathon through life, as he's done since Issa cheated.  But soon, life will make Lawrence stop and smell the adulthood.

Most companies advise against dating in the office, but Lawrence and Aparna are doing it anyway. It appears their kiss from last episode has developed into a full on fling. But this isn't the first flirting relationship she's had at the office. Aparna's ex boyfriend is also employed at the same place of work, and Lawrence is about to exhibit some jealous behaviors he didn't even know he had.

It's all fun and games until your girl is giggling by the water cooler.  Aparna claims not to ever have loved her ex, but the fact that they still communicate often has Lawrence feeling those just-got-cheated-on-in-my-last-relationship blues. Plus his homeboys giving him advice is like the blind leading the blind.  Maybe he should start seeing Molly's therapist about these legitimate trust issues developing?

Lawrence's segment leads us to his entrance into the door of he and Issa's old apartment at The Dunes.  Could he coming back home to makeup?


HBO YouTube
HBO YouTube

As the show takes us on a month's journey with Molly, she and Issa are found on the sidelines of the same marathon that Lawrence and Aparna are running together.  The girls don't notice Lawrence in the crowd but are there to cheer on their friend Kelli who wore all white Ivy Park for the special occasion. Molly takes the opportunity to inform Issa that her co-worker Quinton is coming to LA in two weeks. When Issa asks, "he's not my type," admits Molly.

But Molly still has a lot to learn personally, After a visit with her therapist who insists that she stop using the word "should" to falsely define her life, Molly decides to open up to Quinton after a date. Eventually, a late work session turns into surprise sex on the office couch. Quinton is completely caught off guard but no complaints from him. 

Career wise, Molly is taking interviews with black owned law firms, and loving it. When her current employers get a whiff of this, they offer her a raise? No. A Rising Star certificate; an elementary constellation prize! Looks like they've helped Molly make her decision on leaving the firm.


HBO YouTube
HBO YouTube

Then comes our 30 Days with Issa, the connecting link to all. During her month long  perspective, we learn that Kelly didn't finish the marathon since she got her period at the starting line. Damn. While chatting with the crew and feeling like a failure, Issa spots Lawrence and Aparna celebrating their run. This stings. 

At work, Issa's world collapses even more as her boss chews her out for having "segregated" classes for the Latino kids. “This could be a lawsuit, we need to re-evaluate if you should be out in the field," her boss snaps. Sounds serious. But I smell a rat, and its name is Frieda. Ironically, not long after the big chew out, Frieda gets a promotion. It all just seems so convenient.

We're reminded why Insecure is so special during a television inside of television break when the characters watch a satire of a super dramatic slave drama called "Due North". Regina Hall is a genius and it's nothing less than laugh out loud hilarious. Stay tuned for full mini-sodes of Due North after the end show credits, it's a real treat. 

Yard Sale! Issa's decided to sell most of her stuff before moving in with her annoying brother, but saves the couch for Lawrence.  In a smooth matching shot by director Matsoukas, the two meet up for one last time in The Dunes apartment. Thankfully, Lawrence waited for Issa like a man and they're able to have the adult talk they never had. 

Lawrence apologizes for not meeting his own expectations of himself during the relationship, and also for not holding up those expectations for Issa - who in turn admits she should have been stronger for the both of them during his low points, instead of cheating. But a couple of sincere apologies and a tearful hug isn't enough to mend the wounds and glue the past back together again. Issa and Lawrence say goodbye, this feels like it's for good.  Damn.

After a therapeutic, Moroccan themed bestie night, Issa and Molly are ready for what's next in life.  For Molly, it means relapsing on her Dro addiction, while Issa shows up at Daniel's door. "I'm sleeping on the couch," she says. "I know," he says back. What's going to happen here?!  And will Lawrence be hurt all over again if he finds out?  I guess we'll have to wait until season 3 to see just where these character's insecurities take them. 

Watch the Season Finale 'Wine Down' chat with director Melina Matsoukas and Issa Rae:


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