"Ask and ye shall receive," but in dating and relationships - what you seek isn't always what you hoped to find. Like being apart of an open relationship but ending up lonely AF, or signing up for sexual liberation, but becoming a slave to it.

Insecure Season 2, Episode 6: “Hella Blows” finds Issa and Molly both on the rough side of the mountain.  The show opens with Issa living that genuine LA life. You know, when the city does that stupid street sweeping thing at 10am on Thursdays and if your car is parked on the wrong side of the street you get an $80 ticket? Yeah, that life. Issa's vehicle, however, is still smashed in halfway from the d-- pic accident last week and she is feeling the void.

Molly is at work when Dro calls her as if he didn't have her thighs wrapped around his neck last week.  It's awkward. "Am I the only one who is trippin' that we (whisper) had sex?", Molly asks him.  But Dro is smooth enough to wiggle around the question and set a date for the following night. It seems like Molly's head is still swimming from last week when she found out her Dad has cheated on her Mom before. She's still ignoring phone calls from her parents.

Meanwhile, all this city bus hopping is ramping Issa's nerves, and Daniel has been curving her ever since she got a little too real with him after the car accident. Coincidentally, she receives an email invite to "Sexplosion", an event celebrating female sexual freedom.  "I could use a Sexplosion", she declares with a sigh.

Shortly after, Issa pumps herself up to go to Eddie's apartment and seduce him again. But when she does, she discovers he's already "sexploding" with another girl! How dare he not sit around and wait his turn to experience her ho-ness again!  Embarrassment.

Lawrence presents an idea for a new app at work which he receives amazingly nice feedback for afterwards. But it's a little too nice.  And although he's on a high from it at first, one of his female co-workers bursts his bubble with the truth. If the bosses actually liked the app idea, they would have asked more questions, asked for a followup, something. "They just don't want to offend you because you're black", basically.  Is she really looking out for him? Or, is she just a hater? Lawrence seems to think the latter.

Molly is at the mechanic's with Issa when she admits that she's breaking it off with Dro. He's always been her only real platonic guy friend and she'd rather keep it that way.  In worse news, Issa's car is going to cost more than $5,000 to fix and she doesn't even have a glimpse of that cash. She needs a hit of sex like a smoker needs a cigarette.

That night, Molly meets Dro at a bar and is ready to tell him they should never have sex again.  She's all amped up and ready to break it off with him but they're such good friends, he knows just what to say to calm her nerves and turn her right back on.  Next thing we see, he's hitting it from the back... again! Looks like Molly is caught all the way up with the homie.

That same night, Issa invites the Spaniard over for their second date. After Eddie basically let all the air out of her ego, she's determined to get a d-- down ASAP.  She'd rather have sex and skip the dinner date with the nice gentleman who actually wants to get to know her. Go figure! When she throws him the cat, he throws it right on back, insisting they're moving too fast. Can't they just go to dinner? Issa's not interested in conversation, she wants sex now, dammit!  He lets himself out. Our girl is pledging serious allegiance to this ho phase!

Mo and Dro are boo'd up post-coital when they finally have a semi-real conversation. Molly is asking serious questions and Dro still seems to be telling half truths. Does Candace know about us? "Yeah, it was her idea that we see other people," he also admits that she's not the first girl he's explored a sexual relationship with in this open marriage domain.

Back at the job, Lawrence re-visits his higher ups to ask more questions about his presentation.  They give him more faux-nice bullsh-- that he can actually see through this time. His co-worker was right, they pretty much hated his idea.  Later, he goes back to talk to her about it when they share a laugh that feels a little flirty. Is there a new Lawrence love connection brewing?

At Sexplosion, the girls are discussing blowjobs and how black women view them and do them. Tiffany, the married one, loves giving head. She thinks that if black women did it more often, there wouldn't be so many black men with white women.  Kelli admits she hasn't sucked a peter since a musty ball encounter in the 11th grade. And Issa has always felt men would respect her less if she did it. It's a timely debate for these friends to have at the sexual liberation event right before signing up for a "Good Job, Blow Job" workshop. It does raise the argument about black women vs. fellatio, though. Overall, is this something that sisters are still uncomfortable with?  We'll soon find out...

Later that night, Issa visits Daniel to re-bond over a little whiskey and champagne. When the heavy petting starts, Issa decides to go down on him. Daniel is pleasantly surprised and in awe of how amazing it feels. That Sexplosion class must've done her some good!

Meanwhile, Dro and Molly are having some erotic bubble bath time at a fancy hotel when he gets a text from his wife Candace - she's locked out of the house. He's forced to leave Molly naked and alone with her own thoughts. Is she really going to be able to handle this?

Back in blowjob world, Issa is still giving head like a champ! Daniel is reaching his peak! Issa doesn't see it coming (pun-intended) and gets shot in the eye with a stream of semen. She's pissed! Daniel doesn't understand why she's so angry, he thought she was into it. But Issa can't get with it, and immediately takes an Uber Pool home with a cloth pressed over her left eye. Will she finally decide to call the ho life quits?

We'll see next Sunday!

Watch the preview of HBO's Insecure Episode 7 "Hella Disrespectful" below:

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