They say all good things must come to an end. In this episode, not only are some key relationships seeing their final moments, but the next episode of HBO's Insecure will be the season finale. Already?!

Episode 7: "Hella Disrespectful" opens with Issa and Molly on the phone discussing Daniel's dose of unexpected love in Issa's eye. Molly is a ride or die chick and is ready to do an egg-filled water gun drive-by to get revenge. Issa admits the whole thing made her feel pretty stupid. She's scarred for life, and may never perform a sexual favor again.

Lawrence is questioned by his co-workers about his nightly plans with Aparna. It seems she's been telling people they've been hanging out. He nips this up quick and asks her to keep it on the low.  He does not want another Tasha situation.

In the land of "We Got Yall", Issa and Frieda go from break ups to make ups now that Issa has decided to stand up to Mr. Black & Racist principal. They finally reach an agreement on how to get more Latino kids to be "got".  They end up confronting him and it's awkward, of course, but the girls get it done.

Now, groups of friends get together and do what groups of friends do; have hella birthday parties, and invite the same group of friends that they usually invite. When Issa finds out that Lawrence is invited, there's really nothing she can do to stop it. After all, it's not her birthday and Lawrence is a friend of the friends.

In the same vein, Dro's wife Candace is also coming to the party making this the first time Molly has been in the same room with her since she became the third wheel to their bicycle.  Will we finally hear from Candace just how open their marriage really is?

Meanwhile, Issa realizes that Lawrence has straight up BLOCKED her ass on Facebook. How dare he!?

With Molly still chipping away at the law firm's glass ceiling, she's determined to be the best version of herself in a meeting with her higher ups. Although they agree she is a huge asset to the company, her annual review isn't due until next year. She does remind them that her male colleagues have gotten raises regardless of timing, but they still insist she wait until next year.  Hence, the glass ceiling stays intact, and the male dominance continues.

When Lawrence tells Aparna he's got a dinner party to attend, she offers to go with him. Oh, s---.

Daniel finally calls Issa to apologize for the eye shot, but the call goes awry when he actually brings up the fact that Issa isn't perfect herself. Issa doesn't take this well at all, screaming into the phone before hanging up in his face. This is not mood for seeing one's ex at a dinner party!

Speaking of that party, all the friends are pouring in and ready to drink. Everyone accept Issa that is, she is still so pissed she doesn't even want alcohol... yet.

When Dro and his wife hit the scene, Molly is completely thrown off by her niceness. Does Candace know that Molly has been Dro's side dish for some time now? Dro is as charming as ever, but can Molly do the side chick shuffle all night long?

Then it happens, Lawrence shows up with Aparna on his arm. Not realizing this is a fancy sit down dinner with bougie place holders, it throws the whole table off along with the vibe. Issa finally orders whiskey, now that she really has a reason to drink, and throw major side eye the entire evening. But when Lawrence gets a bit too touchy feely with Aparna, it's too much for Issa to handle. She walks out. Lawrence follows.

While Issa and Lawrence have the argument of all arguments outside, Molly and Dro come to terms with their togetherness by banging in the restroom. Oh what a night!

Afterwards, Molly feels horrible and finally calls her mother. After weeks of screwing somebody's husband I guess she is starting to ease up on the judgement and understand that Facebook has that "complicated relationship" button for a reason.

Finally, in what is probably the most celebrated moment of the entire season thus far for Molly, she breaks it off with Dro and puts herself first!  It happens via text message, but is brave nonetheless. Do it Molly! Hope she doesn't relapse.

Issa, on the other hand, is in complete shambles and still making reckless decisions!  After the day from hell, she finds a sign on her front door informing her that her rent is increasing. Dis tew much! Issa snaps and proceeds to smash up her entire apartment. We're talking broken glass, hurdled chairs, new holes in the sheetrock. It's bad. How is she gonna clean all of this up?

We'll find out next week on the season finale of Insecure. You can watch the final preview of season 2 below!


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