Whether it’s romance, bromance, or ho-mance, the characters of HBO’s Insecure are showing us just how turbulent adulthood can be during this scandalous second season. 

The show is centered around two best friends navigating through a modern Los Angeles world. While freshly single Issa is struggling to stake her claim in the land of sexual liberation, her bestie Molly is slowly chipping away at the firm's thick glass ceiling and reshaping her notions about modern-day relationships.  

To say the least, the characters of Insecure are “Hella Intriguing” and we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most intriguing characters to date. 


  • ISSA

    Issa Rae

    This season, Issa has installed a revolving door to her bedroom and is on the hunt for the perfect roster of gentlemen with whom she can call on for mere sexual pleasure. She’s a bit of a loose wire and we never know where she’s going to land or how awkward she’ll be once she gets there. Like a fiery crash happening in slow motion, we can’t take our eyes off Issa's rowdy single life.


    Yvonne Orji

    Molly is determined to remind her bosses that all men (and women) were created equal. This season, we’ve rooted for the savvy attorney who is playing a fragile game at work to win a paycheck that matches her male colleagues. But in her personal life, season 2 has peeled back some layers as Molly finds herself involved in a fascinating love triangle with one of her best friends.


    Jay Ellis

    It’s been years since Lawrence lived the single life and season 2 has found him living that solo dolo to the fullest.  Once Tasha sets him free, Lawrence lands in some crazy situations, like threesomes with girls he met at the grocery store, for instance. Viewers are definitely staying tuned to see just where Lawrence decides to sew his wild oats.


    Dominique Perry

    Even though Tasha’s presence has been missing for a few episodes of season 2, no one can deny the power of her decision to give Lawrence a good old fashioned “cussing out”. We all had a hint that she was a rebound, but she always kept it real with Lawrence and expected the same in return. Her straightforward no bullsh— attitude has landed her on our list of intrigue.


    Nathasha Rothwell & Amanda Seales

    These two inseparable ladies are the homegirls of Issa and Molly and always make a good scene great. Kelli made us all choke on our own laughter when she got fingered under the table after Kiss-n-Grind. And Tiffany, played by Amanda Seales, always has some slightly bougie but bona-fide viewpoint to add to the girl talk. Together, these gal pals are the perfect ingredients to a good chick click.


    Y'lan Noel

    Oh Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, where do we begin?  Not only was he the catalyst for the big Issa/Lawrence relationship demolition - he’s remained Issa’s silent weakness for most of season 2.  Whenever he’s in the mix, Daniel puts forth a genuine and laid back vibe that Issa doesn’t quite know what to do with, besides bang. Sometimes it seems he’d cuff Issa in a second, other times, it seems he’s just going with the “ho-flow". Either way, Insecure fans are keeping their eyes glued for the conclusion.

  • DRO

    Sarunas J. Jackson

    Dro is one of Mollly’s best guy friends who always brings laughter to the scene, but it isn’t until he announces his open marriage and lures Molly into the sheets that he becomes increasingly intriguing. Let him tell it, he and his wife have decided it’s cool to sleep with other people and Molly is at the top his “other people” list.  But fans haven’t heard from Dro’s wife about the status of their open union yet, and we can’t wait for her to confirm and be cool or deny and be fire.


    Lisa Joyce

    Frieda is the best white friend Issa has. Outside of all the drama in Issa's single life, she has to face the honesty of Frieda’s feelings about racism. As the only other partner in the We Got Yall initiative, Frieda is on the borderline of quitting the team because of Issa’s tolerance for a black racist principal. All in all, the intrigue lies in the unpredictability of her bold face-offs with Issa. It seems like somebody might just get slapped. Who knows!


    Leon Thomas III

    Eddie is the chill guy next door who Issa decides to hop for a body ride one day. When she knocks on his door to return his seemingly missing charger, Eddie lets her all the way in... to his bed. But the next time Issa knocks, she doesn't get so lucky. Eddie didn't realize he was in a "neighbors with benefits" situation, but he plays it so cool, and that's what makes him such an intriguing fellow to watch.


    Sujata Day

    There’s something mysterious about Lawrence’s co-worker Aparna who he seems to be warmly attracted to. She’s the one who invites him out to social gatherings after work and gives him the honest news about his failed presentations at the job. But it’s her sex appeal and the chemistry between them that provides just enough dosage of intrigue to keep us asking ourselves 'Whatsup with Lawrence and Aparna?'