It's all fun and games until sh-- gets real. And this week, the characters of HBO's Insecure all seem to have stepped into a huge pile of absolutely unadulterated sh--.

Season 2, Episode 5: "Hella Shook" opens with Issa showing up at Daniel's front door; not in full trench coat and heels, but in the same vein. In the previous episodes, the boyfriend-less and sexually starved Issa has implemented a liberated dating plan, or "ho-phase", and looks like she's managed to work Daniel back into the shuffle.

In legal land, a clever colleague from the Chicago firm asks Molly about her job,"You ever think about leaving?", he wonders.  As a matter of fact, she hasn't. Who can afford to walk out on their livelihood every time a white guy scores a bigger salary?  Still, she's thankful for the advice.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is jogging with his co-workers when he finds out he has been summoned for jury duty. He's happy to pledge his civil allegiance, especially if it means a paid day off work.

With Molly's parents renewing their vows, hella flowers are everywhere for she and Issa to arrange along with their love lives.  Since Daniel has popped back into the picture, Issa explains to her bestie that guys are getting added into her "ho-tation" everyday. As a matter of fact, she's living la vida loca tonight with the newest Latino addition.

Apparently, jury duty is just as great for missing work as it is for cyber stalking your ex. When Lawrence runs across Facebook pics of Issa's Kiss-n-Grind squad, he zooms in to spot her talking to Daniel in the background of one of the photos. This is the reason they broke up in the first place. These ho's ain't loyal.

At the We Got Ya'll work retreat, Frieda is still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that Issa is cool working with "Mr. Black and Prejudice" Principal Gaines.  Can black people be racist? Issa doesn't think so, but Frieda insists that he's manipulating a situation against all the latino kids who go to that school and she expected more from Issa. This working relationship is on the rocks.

Molly's homeboy Dro is around the day before her parents' ceremony. He's making sure they're cool after he dropped the news about his open marriage and his desire to get with her all in the same night. "That's alright, we were both pretty drunk," says Molly. "I wasn't that drunk." Dro is so for real. Molly admits she has thought of him in that way, but he's married, and open or not, that's just not how she gets down.

When it's finally time for the date with her potentially new Latin lover, Issa is a bit nervous at first. She hits Daniel on text to ensure she has him in the side pocket, then realizes she and the Spaniard actually have chemistry.  She might be getting good at this ho thing.

Now it's time to renew some vows. Lionel is in the building, supporting Molly, and meets Dro who grew up across the street.  Molly can't quite hide the fact that she's just not that into Lionel, it may as well be written across both of their foreheads.

Lawrence, who has also added Daniel's page to his cyber perusals, is somewhere at a bar drowning in his feelings. Was Issa cheating on him the whole time with this dude? His mind is reeling. But there's always that one good friend who tells us the honest truth, even when we don't want to hear it. And Lawrence is gently reminded that he slept on Issa's couch for two years paying zero bills, which could cause a woman to start looking in other directions. It may not be right, but it's real.

At the wedding vow ceremony,  Molly finds out her Dad cheated on her Mom in the past. The news sends her marching out of the front door, after a few choice words with her parents. Dro is right there as she storms out, and knows what to do when Lionel doesn't.

While Lawrence is at home still reading Issa's Facebook wall, she's online dating and driving.  An x-rated d-- pic comes through at a green light that sends her crashing into the car in front of her. The airbag deploys. That's an expensive d-- pic.

But when Daniel comes to her rescue, Issa's ho-conscience weighs heavy on her. "We're cool right, I mean we're both seeing other people?", she ensures. But Daniel is nonchalant as usual. Is he really this cool? Or is he hiding feelings?

All of the sudden stress from the reality of her parents' relationship is too much for Molly. She's always wanted a man like her Dad and now, she doesn't know what she wants or even what's possible.  Dro is right there to take her home, calm her down, and at the end of the night, she doesn't want to be alone. Will they have sex? You bet they will. All over Molly's bed. This looks like something they've both wanted for a long time.  We'll find out next week just how they plan to handle the new parameters of their longterm friendship.

Catch a peek of next week's episode of Insecure below:

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