Nothing's wrong with a little Kiss-n-Grind right? Especially if it's a day party and you're single, swinging, or R. Kelly. This week, the characters of HBO's Insecure are hella single and ready to mingle.  But they're all realizing that the solo-dolo life ain't all its cracked up to be.

Season 2, Episode 4: "Hella LA" opens with Issa and the girls getting ready to par-tay. Heading to a day party called Kiss n Grind, the bourbon is already being poured, and the tea is spilling. Issa is feeling so sexually liberated from her hookup with Eddie last week, she's excited about the possibility of adding more D to the roster. Last week's club outing wasn't too productive for Issa but she's ahead of the game this week, having already gone online and found a guy named Felix (like the cat) to link with at the party. This self proclaimed "ho phase" is helping her hide those post-relationship blues.

Tasha may have deemed him a f** boy last week, but Lawrence still isn't down for the count. Instead, he's ready to slide into the club like Usher in the "You Don't Have to Call" video.  On his way to the grocery store for liquor, he's pulled over by the LAPD for an illegal u-turn at a road block.  With the country still reeling from the white supremacist march in Virginia this past week, I'm sure everyone was unsure if Lawrence would make it out unharmed. Thankfully, it didn't turn ugly, and Lawrence was let off with a warning by a cop who hates the Georgetown Hoyas, not black people.

Meanwhile at Kiss-n-Grind, the girls are remembering single Issa who would have been in the venue's pool by now. Hell, she may even get in the pool tonight. The girls are ready to meet their next love or lust as they stroll through the party toward their designated table. Molly's homeboy Dro is here without her friend / his wife, Kelli is feeling fine as hell,  and Issa's ho swagger is on a thousand. But her enthusiasm is curbed when she spots Daniel at the bar looking as good as she left him.  After a boss up pep talk with Molly, Issa decides to go ahead and speak to Daniel. But he's not nearly as hurt and broken as she imagined he would be. "I'm good... you good?", he says, like it wasn't really that big of a deal. The awkwardness is hard to play off as Issa pretends to be all aces in the single arena.

Having escaped the potential police brutality, Lawrence made it to the grocery store in one piece. But the fearful mis-handling of his wallet in the presence of an officer had credit cards dropping out all over the car. Now, at the cash register, he's about $47 dollars short and persuaded by two non-black girls to let them pay for his alcohol. But not for nothing, the girls catch him outside and ask where he's going with all that drank. Looks like he's coming to their place instead. This leads us to the question, is Lawrence in a "ho phase" too? Is it more acceptable for guys to have a ho phase, than ladies? There are double standards in single life, and for Lawrence, this one is double trouble.

Back at Kiss-n-Grind, Issa links up with the online catch, Felix.  Nothing's nice about Felix but his nice ass name.  He even implies that he hates her hair and her voice, he's just not that into her. With Daniel watching in close proximity, she's ditched by Felix and left having to be un-awkward, which we all know is very hard for Issa. So far, no kissing or grinding seems to be probable in her night's future.

On the dance floor, Molly is having a blast with Dro. They're old friends who know how to have fun together, but maybe they're having a little too much fun?  After a lot of dancing and a little grinding, Dro's vibe switches from platonic to ironic.  When she reminds him that his wife wouldn't approve of them being this close, he informs her that it's an open marriage where they can see other people. “It’s hard being everything to one person”, he says.  Molly is taken aback. Pearls clinched.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is enjoying weed and whiskey with the girls at their place. But these two aren't the sweet and innocent good samaritans they seemed to be at the grocery store. They're all about sex, drugs, and alcohol and Lawrence finds himself in the middle of a threesome situation.  In what looks like a scene of soft porn, Lawrence is having a blast until these chicks make him feel like a piece of dark meat who can't get it up quick enough.  Instead of waiting for him to get his second boner, they do a bump of coke and plot on where to grab food.  Hope he used protection.

After all that kissing and grinding, the squad has worked up quite an appetite.  The girls are grabbing a bite to eat with Kelli's newfound bae and his friends when Molly gets a text from Dro, who wants to see her, but she politely declines.  And Daniel is also in the building, sitting right across from them!  He and Issa share a laugh when Kelli starts getting secretly fingered under the table.  It's like highschool, but they hella grown.  Issa decides to take her chicken and waffles over to sit next to Daniel and make it a better night.

The episode ends with Lawrence on the way home that night feeling unfulfilled by the single life.  He's outside of the Dunes reminiscing on his one-woman-man days.  Is he having a change of heart?

Perhaps we’ll see next week!

Watch the HBO preview for Ep 5 of Insecure below:


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