Ever heard of a “smash-n-run”? No, not the kind where you steal stuff. It’s like a hit and run, only with your ex and sex involved. The last episode of Insecure Season 2 showed us that smash-n-runs do, indeed, exist and have the potential to mess your head all the way up. As Lawrence left Issa’s mind reeling after a passionate encounter on the living room couch, she enters episode 2 trying to figure it out with her bestie exactly what type of smash it was. “I mean, was it a ‘we back together smash’ or a ‘F**k you smash'? We don’t know! 

Meanwhile, Lawrence is in the gym thinking of Issa, just as confused. He starts to send a text, but doesn’t. Communication is key, and looks like both Issa and Lawrence are locked out right now. 

At the end of last season, Issa softly suggested to Molly that therapy wasn’t such a bad idea. But Molly took it to heart and was down right offended that Issa would judge her like that.  However, since Molly found out how much more her caucasian male colleagues at work bring home on their paychecks, then okay damn, maybe therapy is the way.  But Molly’s therapist isn’t going to let her off easy, asking her questions that truly require her to dig down deep. Realizing that she has her life mapped out with the perfect outcome, what “should” be happening isn’t happening, and thats exactly the problem. What would happen if we remain open for life to become what it is, instead of forcing it to be what believe it “should” be? Hmmmmm…. OK therapy! 

When Issa and her gal pals link to support their friend Tiffany at a local art gallery, the girls get all in her business about Lawrence. She reminds them that her relationship spanned over 5 years, that doesn’t just go away. "Don’t forget he was on your couch for 2 of those years needing time for his business plan. F**k him and move on.” Then what always happens, happened. They find Tasha's Instagram and cyber stalking ensues.  Now Issa can’t seem to stop peeping Tasha's jalapeno popper eating pics. Should she DM her? Tell her what’s going on? Ask some questions? Temptation is a beast.

During an honest and respectable move, Lawrence decides to ‘just be a man about it’ and tell Tasha whats up. “I slept with my ex.” what? Yep. Damn. Tasha is hurt and all, but they aren't necessarily "together" officially and she did know he was fresh off the heels of a serious relationship. Still, she asks him to leave so she can digest it all. 

Now, since Molly found out about the pay cheat, she’s been on a mission to become one of the “good old boys” but it just ain’t that easy.  After rubbing elbows with the boss at a hockey game, she finds that she’s still not quite accepted in the circle. Personally, I'm glad Insecure is exploring this battle with male hegemony. It happens all too often and the fight to be seen as an equal takes balls, literally.  Manly balls. The tangible ones.  

In “We Got Yall” world, Issa and Frieda sit down with the school principal to discuss how to get the students to actually get involved in the program. But this principal guy is one of those dudes who, well, is black and prejudiced. No better way to say it. With jokes about “building a wall” for the increasing "taco brown" Latino population of students, the girls are taken aback.  Frieda asks Issa a tough question, "wouldn't this be intolerable if he were a white man?"

Now you know its real when you start showing up at somebody’s job. Issa makes a bold move by going to the bank where Tasha works to do or say what? Nothing. Instead, Issa daydreams about “jalapeño popping” Tasha in the face, then hides in the car. Seat all the way back. Whats a girl-who-wants-her-man-back to do? 

Meanwhile Lawrence and Molly have a “chance" encounter and tough questions are asked. “Would you ever take Issa back?”  But Lawrence seems to be done-zo, as the kids say it these days. And Issa has to hear the harsh truth. 

The episode ends with Issa sending a raunchy text during one of those “if-you-think-you’re-lonely-now-wait-until-tonight” moments: “Tryna f**k?” 

Insecure airs on Sundays at 7:30pm ET / 10:30 PT only on HBO.

Watch the Trailer For Insecure Season 2, Episode 3: 

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