Rapper Game has had his fair share of beef, so when he saw Odd Future members Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean engaging in an online spat with Chris Brown via Twitter, he had to jump in.

The Compton MC addressed all three parties for trading insults with one another, defusing yet another disagreement between Tyler and Brown, who have gone at it in the past on the social networking site. Even though hip-hop beef can sometimes help an artist promote themselves or a project, Game tells the BoomBox that his beef with 50 Cent not only did the opposite but made him realize that disagreements can get blown out of proportion.

"I know all about beefs, I know how ugly they can get, people need to stay away from beef and focus on music," Game admits to the BoomBox. "I stepped in because Odd Future, Frank Ocean and all those guys, they're brand new, and Chris just came from some drama so I felt that I should step in."

When he's not schooling them on proper Twitter etiquette, he's in the studio creating magic, tapping Tyler to appear on his highly anticipated 'R.E.D. Album.' Game chose to work with the buzzed about rapper because of his Southern California roots. "He's from L.A., No. 1, and No. 2, he's my type of artist," Game reveals. "He's a rebel and he does what he wants to do and I don't think he gives a s--- about anything and I like that."

The album also features the likes of Brown, Dr. Dre. and Wiz Khalifa. After nearly two years of pushbacks the future of the 'R.E.D. Album' looked bleak until the successful release of his 'Purp & Patron' mixtape seemingly gave his label, Interscope Records, the push they needed to get on board with releasing the project.

With summer upon us, and an impending album release, the 31-year-old says that he plans to spend the next three months with his children, and has even had contact with his manager Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, who was caught last week after being on the run from the law. Henchmen is facing federal drug trafficking charges but according to Game, is doing just fine behind bars. "I spoke to Jimmy, he's good," the rapper discloses.

'R.E.D. Album' hits stores Aug. 29.

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