Interscope Records Used as Drug Headquarters
According to federal prosecutors, the Los Angeles offices of Interscope Records were being used as a drug hub, serving as the site for deliveries and pickups of large amounts of cocaine and upwards of $1 million in cash, AllHipHop reports...
Game Speaks to Jimmy Henchman, Talks Twitter Beef
Rapper Game has had his fair share of beef, so when he saw Odd Future members Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean engaging in an online spat with Chris Brown via Twitter, he had to jump in. The Compton MC addressed all three parties for trading insults with one another, defusing yet another disagreement between Tyler and Brown, who have gone at it in the past on the social networking site... Read M
Jimmy Henchmen Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Charges
After eluding authorities for a month, only to be apprehended in New York City on Tuesday (June 21), Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond has entered a not guilty plea in response to drug traffic charges. According to reports, Rosemond, who is being held without bond, is accused of leading a bi-coastal drug trafficking organization, which transported cocaine and narcotics between Los Angeles and Ne
Inmate Admits He Shot Tupac, Names Jimmy Henchman, Diddy
A convicted murderer, long suspected of involvement in the 1994 Quad Studios shooting of Tupac Shakur, has finally admitted to committing the crime, and has accused Game's manager, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond -- founder of Czar Entertainment -- of masterminding the botched robbery, which left the legendary rapper shot five times...
Game’s Manager Sues NY Daily News for $100 Million
Infamous industry figure and manager of the Game, Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the New York Daily News over a recent report accusing him of being a police informant. The Daily News ran a story on Sept ...