Following Spotify’s announcement that they have removed R. Kelly’s songs from their editorial playlists, women’s rights group UltraViolet is demanding the streaming service removed several more artists from their playlists as well.

The organization recently penned a letter to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek praising him for pulling Kelly and XXXTentacion’s music from playlists and Algorithmic recommendations but added that his company can do more.

UltraViolent wants Spotify to go one step further and remove other artists who are known for their alleged abuse to women -- among them R&B singer Chris Brown and rappers Nelly, Eminem and 6ix9ine.

“[These] two men are not the only abusers on your platform. We implore you to take a deeper look at the artists you promote,” wrote the organization’s executive director Shaunna Thomas wrote in the letter (via Los Angeles Times).

“Every time a famous individual continues to be glorified despite allegations of abuse, we wrongly perpetuate silence by showing survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence that there will be no consequences for abuse,” the letter continued. “That has a cultural effect far beyond one individual artist.”

In addition to Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora have also stopped promoting Kelly’s music on their curated playlists as well. In a statement to Pitchfork, Pandora cited their policy to not “actively promote artists with certain demonstrable behavioral, ethical or criminal issues” for removing Kelly's music.

UltraViolet, which was founded in 2012, assists in a wide range of issues for women including healthcare, domestic violence abuse, reproductive rights, racial and gender equality and economic security.

The women's organization hopes that other streaming services will follow Spotify's lead. Reps for Chris Brown and Nelly had no comment on the matter.

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