The Game is known for being a ladies man, but before he became one of hip-hop’s top rappers, he was humiliated and dumped on a popular dating show called Change of Heart.

The premise of the show involved couples who are in a relationship, pairing up with a single man and woman, and then sent out on respective dates. On the show, the competing couple discuss their relationship and then their new dating experience with their respective dates. At the end of the show, the couples have to decide if they want to "Stay Together" or if they've had a "Change Of Heart."

The show ran for five seasons (1998-2001) and was originally taping in Los Angeles for the first three seasons before moving to New York in 2001 for the remaining two seasons. Host Chris Jagger was funny and delivered plenty of wit while talking to the contestants, but he was no Chuck Woolery ("We'll be back, two and two").

The Game’s episode aired in January 2000. The then 18-year-old Game (or Jayceon Taylor) came on the show to test the strength of his relationship with his then-girlfriend Sadita who also brought her best friend Ricki McDowell along for support.

The couple’s conversation starts off rocky with Game telling Jagger that Sadita doesn’t give him nothing in return for his love and affection.

"I break my back for you," he says. “You break your back? Who cares?” she tells Game.

Sadita’s best friend then adds that Game is always buying Sadita shoes and flowers every time they get into an argument. By this time, Game is looking like a real simp and it only goes downhill from there.

Sadita then reveals that Game is too emotional and sensitive, stating, “All he do is smother me or cry like a baby. That's all he does."

“But doesn’t that mean that he cares a lot about you?” asked Jagger.

“Yeah, but he always tries to act extra macho and he’s not, he’s really sensitive,” responds Sadita. Meanwhile, Game complains that he’s not allowed to show affection to her in public.

Later in the episode, Game's Change of Heart date Arana Benson, a gorgeous woman with legs for days, comes out and gives him the warmest hug ever. Sadita’s cat claws come out as she tells Jagger that Arana is probably conceited just like Game.

Both Game and Arana complimented each other on their looks with the Game fawning over her big booty. Arana then tells Jagger that Game wasn't ready for the date as he was just about to hop in the shower when she arrived at his apartment. Interestingly, after exchanging pleasantries, Game's pants fell down and Arana saw what he was packing with. “He did Calvin Klein justice,” she tells Jagger.

As far as their date, the couple went to a Chinese buffet restaurant for dinner but things got intimate between them at a male strip club (apparently, Game was a stripper before pursuing his rap career). It was there that Game revealed his intentions for Arana later in the night.

“He made a comment that he was going to show me what he has later on," she said, to which Sadita quickly replied, "Which is nothing."

Afterward, Taylor and Arana went to his friend's house where they shared a few more kisses and ended their 14-hour date(!) by watching the sun rise the following morning.

During the episode, there appeared to be some discrepancy on whether Taylor had a car or a driver's license. Sadita told Jagger that he didn't own a vehicle and can't even drive.

"He's a scrub, he doesn't have a car, and I feel like I always have to drive him around" she said. Game claps back, "I've got a suspended license ... but when I did have wheels, it would roll straight over hers and his bucket."

At the end of the show, Game and Sadita had to choose on whether to stay together or end their relationship. Shockingly, after being humiliated for 30 minutes by Sadita, Game professed his love for her and flipped a card that read "Stay Together," much to Arana's chagrin. We don't blame Arana, it looked like they had a great time together on their date.

As for Sadita, she wasn't feeling the love from Game and she flipped a card that said "Change of Heart." By the look on Game's face, it appeared that he felt rejected. But it's hard to feel sorry for him after he was clowned by Sadita on the entire episode.

Several years later, Game went on TMZ to talk about his appearance on Change of Heart. He told Harvey Levin that he was paid $1500 and that the entire show was fake -- even the outcome was pre-planned.

“The whole thing was scripted,” he told Levin. “They tell you what to say...and all of that. It’s all scripted, even who you pick [as your final date]."

Either way, it wasn't Game's best moment on television. Back in the days, rappers like 50 Cent and 40 Glocc - who had their issues with Game - would post clips from the show in an effort to discredit him as a tough gangbanger from Compton. But his multiple altercations on the basketball court would prove otherwise.

Nevertheless, it's painful to watch Game get humiliated on Change of Heart. Check it out below.

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