Chris Brown is at the center of a lawsuit filed by an unidentified woman that claims she was assaulted in the singer’s home.

According to TMZ, the woman, identified as “Jane Doe,” claims that she was invited to a party at the singer’s house in February 2017. During the party, the woman was allegedly supplied molly, weed, and cocaine. The woman said that her phone was confiscated by the singer’s team earlier in the night.

Jane Doe also claims that a female friend of Brown’s forced her and a few other women in a bedroom and was coerced to have sexual relations with Brown and another man named Lowell Grissom. The women couldn’t leave the bedroom because a couch was placed in front of the door to prevent them from leaving.

The suit also states that the woman was allegedly forced to perform fellatio on Grissom. She also claims that the female friend pushed her down on the bed and "literally sat on [her] face, using her legs to pin [her] down while forcing [her] to perform oral sex on her." Doe also claims the woman was menstruating.

Doe said that she went into the bathroom to wash the blood off her and when she tried to leave, Grissom entered, pushed her on the bed and raped her again. Doe also alleges that Grissom raped her again, as she was trying to leave Brown's home.

Doe says she went to a rape treatment center and reported the incident to police.

According to The Blast, famed attorney Gloria Allred is representing the unidentified woman in this case. Allred is expected to appear at a news conference today (May 9) and explain Jane Doe's lawsuit further.

Reps for Chris Brown had no comment on the matter.

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