It's a wonder exactly what's taking Fabolous so long with the long-awaited 'Loso's Way 2' album. It's not like he hasn't been working, however. He's just focused on his last release. Fabolous drops another video from his 'Soul Tape 3' to follow-up the popular 'Thim Slick.' This time he's cruising in the Rolls-Royce in the visual for 'Young OG,' the song that features the same choir sample as Kanye West's 'Bound 2.'

The clip, directed by Gerard Victor, isn't too eventful, as it features Fab rolling around Dubai in luxury during the black-and-white film. The video makes sure to draw attention to the rapper's jewelry, as those are some of the only objects that really get the color treatment.

The video ends with a teaser for the slow-motion party of 'Cuffin Season,' another cut off 'Soul Tape 3.' While it's one of the more popular tracks off the tape, it's an interesting choice since cuffin season is actually over.

This glimpse of what Fabolous has in store unfortunately does not include a release date for 'Loso's Way 2.'