A month after being arrested on charges of aggravated assault and making terroristic threats stemming from his domestic violence case, Fabolous reportedly requested a delay in the proceedings.

According to Bossip, the rapper was scheduled to appear at a court hearing Wednesday (April 19) in Bergen County, N.J., but his attorneys asked for a delay at the last minute. A judge agreed and gave Fabolous three weeks to appear for a new hearing set for mid-May. Fabolous’ lawyers didn’t give a reason for the postponement.

As we previously reported, Fabolous was charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats in March after he allegedly punched Emily B seven times in the face. According to a police report, the punches caused "severe damage to her two front teeth," and she ended up losing them.

Weeks later a shocking video surfaced online of Fabolous confronting Emily B and her father. As the rapper’s bodyguard is attempting to hold him back, he asks Emily why her dad is at their home.

The father yells back, “That’s my motherfucking daughter” and repeatedly calls Fabolous a coward. That’s when Fabolous points at him and warns, “I got a bullet with your name on it.”

Since the incident, Fabolous has remain relatively silent. However, Fabolous' brother, Paul Cain, went on his Instagram page to send a message to the critics who think they know the whole story.

"For all you niggas on the internet arguing in my comments, in my sister’s comments with so much to say about what’s going on... you wasn’t there," he said.

"The bloggers wasn't there neither," he added. "Mind your fucking business."

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