Some disturbing footage has popped up online featuring Fabolous yelling threats to Emily B and her father outside of their New Jersey home.

In the video above (via TMZ), Fabo appears to be holding a sharp object as he confronts Emily’s B father. As the rapper’s bodyguard is attempting to hold him back, he asks Emily why is her dad at their home. The father yells back, “That’s my motherfucking daughter” and repeatedly calls Fabolous a coward.

That’s when Fabolous points at him and warns, “I got a bullet with your name on it.”

It also appears that Emily was trying to record Fabolous, which made him even more angrier. When he tries to approach Emily, she screams and takes a couple of steps back. You can also hear a child crying, but it's unclear if Emily and Fab's two children were at the location. The video was reportedly taken last Wednesday (March 28).

The clip comes as reports surfaced that Fabolous, whose real name is John Jackson, allegedly punched Emily B seven times in the face. The punches caused "severe damage to her two front teeth," and she ended up losing them, according to court documents.

Last week, Fabolous turned himself into police and arrested on domestic violence charges and making terroristic threat charge. The Brooklyn rapper was given a ticket for a court appearance and released.

The purported video above seems to collaborate with a police report that Fabolous returned to the Englewood, N.J., home and threatened Emily B's father and brother.

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