Comedian D.L. Hughley has join the list of supporters backing Snoop Dogg and his controversial music video for “Lavender.” Recently, Steve Harvey warned rappers to ease up on attacking President Donald Trump, suggesting that they “respect the office of the president.”

In an interview with TMZ, Mr. Hughley disagreed with Harvey’s coonin’, uh, we mean, comments and said President Trump doesn’t know what respect means.

"I think if the President is respect worthy, they should do it," he said. "Just this week alone, accusing a former President (Barack Obama) of a felony. He has insulted our allies. He's lied. A liar doesn't deserve respect like that."

"We have two Intelligence Agencies investigating what [President Trump] knows is a lie because he thinks he can lie on a black man," he added. "F--- your respect."

Hughley concluded, "I love Steve...but I think you only get respect when you give it. And [President Trump] has been disrespecting everybody except the white supremacists who serve him."


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