Common is the latest rapper to come forward to defend Snoop Dogg after he recently released the controversial music video for "Lavender."

In the video, Snoop takes a play gun aims and fires it at a fake President Donald Trump. The lookalike doesn't die, the gun releases a sign that says, "bang." The video takes a stand against police brutality and gives a voice to black people who have suffered and wrongfully lost their lives at the hands of police. It appears Trump missed that part.

"Hip-hop always been about freedom of expression, that's one of the most powerful things," Common told TMZ. "Hip-hop has been like a voice for so many people. If you go think about the days of Public Enemy and you fast-forward to Kendrick Lamar, hip-hop artists have always been speaking up and saying what they feel. If it's a president they don't like, if it's a politician they don't like. I was just listening to KRS and he was talking about Clarence Thomas back then. If you didn't like what was going on you speak up and we're entitled to do that as people."

Trump questioned what kind of jail time would Snoop have gotten if he would have done the same thing to President Obama. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Trump's personal attorney have both spoken out against the video stating that Snoop owes Trump an apology, while rappers Ice-T and Treach both agree that it's artistic. T.I. had some particularly harsh words for Trump in his defense of Snoop, calling Trump a "presidential level f--- boy" for his tweet.

And if you're waiting for an interview from Snoop, don't hold your breath. "They all want to ask me questions and interview me but guess what? I've got nothing to say mate," Snoop said in an Instagram video he recently posted. You can see Commons comments above.


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