Embattled rappers Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel appeared in Manhattan Supreme Criminal Court in New York on Thursday (June 25) to begin their trial on conspiracy and gun charges. However, the trial was postponed until October due to Shmurda’s re-arrest in jail after being caught with a “sharpened metal instrument.”

According to XXL, prosecutors revealed to the judge that Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, was arrested last Tuesday (June 23) after he was caught with a shank. The Brooklyn rhymer was charged in the Bronx Criminal Court on a 1st degree charge of “promoting prison contraband,” which is a Class D felony.

The charge will not be included in the indictment Shmurda faces when his conspiracy trial begins. Speaking of which, Judge James Burke set a date for his trial to begin on Oct. 5. The judge stated that it will be a long-winded trial that could stretch over a two month span.

Shmurda was in the courtroom emotionless and wearing handcuffs as prosecutors announced that they were offering him a plea deal of eight years in prison, while prosecutors recommended seven years for Rebel, whose real name is Chad Marshall.

Shmurda’s attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, was shocked by the prosecutors' recommendations but maintains that his client is innocent in the case. “I’m surprised by the recommendation,” he said. “Especially as they’ve been dragging these kids up here like they’re Public Enemy No. 1.”

Meanwhile, Rowdy’s lawyer, Javier Solano, flat out rejected the plea deal and told the judge that his client “has no interest.”

Both Shmurda and Rebel have been in custody since December 2014, after they were arrested on a slew of gun, murder and conspiracy charges. Several members of his GS9 crew were also arrested during the raid at Quad Studios in New York.

Both Shmurda and Rebel have a tough legal battle ahead of them. Let’s hope they are prepared and ready to fight for their freedom.

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